Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elise's Big Gaff(e)!!

At least its not an Xbox One. I mean, no one owns one of those, right?

Made this one for Elise on the Haven, who of course would love to look like this. The model is hella cute, and he won't have to be stuck like that ALL the time, right? Well, perhaps depending on how much the gamer tags come into play! Besides, How much did it cost in preparation to be Elise for the night anyway? Something tells me that Jeff has done something like this before, and in a way, Steve might be helping out a bit. And the least that Jeff could do is be wearing pants when Elise arrived!

I think I'll wrap up the desert island CD's with one or two more as I think its run its course.

Here is one that is just all flash and lots of substance underneath. Once again I'm not finding a complete album on Youtube so I'll post clips as I go along.

 A song cycle devoted to teenage sex and rebellion sung with bombast by a 300 pound man-beast in a Wagnerian Opera. Probably the only way it would ever have been released is during the 1970's for fuck's sake I am so glad it did come out. Over the top .. fuck yeah! This one goes to 11!

I get the whole "fuckin' around my senior year of high school in the 1980's" vibe so much more from this album than any hundred Kid Rock's "All Summer Long". In my first car, I had a cassette of this album in my case, and if the girl you were with asked to her this, it was guaranteed that within an hour, you'd be down a dirt road in the woods heading towards, "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"!! No girl wanted to make out to Nirvana's "Nevermind" trust me!

And even now, doing a Meatloaf song, if you can handle the vocals, gets everyone psyched. If a woman asks you to sing a song by Meatloaf, she's also yours for the taking. Of course, at this point in time, its my long time girlfriend, but if you are shy, but can sing, Meatloaf songs will still get you booty. Sing "Two Out of Three Ain't bad" right before closing time and you'll seal the deal!

What made it so awesome is the marriage of Jim Steinman's songs and Meatloaf's presence. I love many of Steinman's songs, but Meatloaf tends to do them better than anyone else. "Making Love Out of Nothing at All" would've been so much better if Meatloaf had done it.  And honestly, there aren't that many good Meatloaf songs written by other people.

Yeah, a Jim Steinman song sung by Meatloaf and Cher. Hell, now that I'm thinking about this, its a shame that Cher never did a Steinman album! Oh well!


  1. Love the caption yes defiantly think there is more going on there.

  2. Great cap, does the PS4 come with a "tranny cam?"

    One of my sisters had "Bat out of Hell" back then. It saved me my money;)
    At the time "Paradise by the dashboard light" came out I had no clue what the song was about. Partly because I just started to learn English, but even when it was sufficient enough to translate the lyrics, I was still clueless about the other meanings of the baseball terminology.

    I agree with you about "the marriage of Jim Steinman's songs and Meatloaf's presence," but from all the female singers I heard perform Steinman's work it would be a close call between Ellen Foley and Holly Sherwood for me. They keep the rest at respectable distance. Even Cher, And I love Bonnie Tyler's album "Faster than the speed of night."

    My sister also had Ellen Foley's "Night out." Even though it misses the hand of Jim Steinman, it does make clear she is an undervalued singer.
    For the people who don't know Holly Sherwood, She did the vocals for Fire inc. for the movie "Streets of fire," and another collaboration with Jim Steinman was as the singer of Pandora's Box.

    By the way, if you're shy, and like me you can't sing, you could try photography. A professional looking camera works wonders as well.

    1. Ellen Foley is mostly known in America for being on a sitcom for a few years called, "Night Court" and people didn't even realize she was a singer.

  3. I forgot all about "Night Court." I remember starting to watch it, because I wanted to know if that Ellen Foley was the same as the one singing on "Paradise by the dashboard light."
    Around here there weren't too many people who either understood or appreciated that humour.