Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wedding Ring Around the Collar!

The force was strong with this one!

Made this one almost five years ago! Getting long in the tooth here as a captioner! LOL Polecat has been around about as long as I have, so we have made quite a few captions for each other. Nick definitely liked having his persona fight changes, so I tried to lay that one him as best I could, engaging in both a mixture of magic and hypnosis, which also happens to be a few of Nick's hot buttons. He also had mentioned that he liked Faith as a model, and this picture inspired the magical part of the storyline. Because of all those things, Nick really liked the caption,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had such wonderful weather, I was walking around in shirt sleeves from Friday through Sunday, including the GF and I hitting a flea market. I snagged a few vintage games for my Sega Dreamcast, and the GF found some interesting rocks and jewelry.

However, it looks like some more snow and possible ice storms are heading our way again! I guess its nice that the snow is just about gone now before we get more but UGGHHH!! That's right, I am complaining about the weather! LOL I am sure you'll hear me doing this again in July when its incredibly hot out so yeah! Why can't I find a place to live that is like 40-75 degrees year round?

Over the next week or two, I am going to highlight CD's that to me are highly desert island discs. You know the kind .. if you had an mp3 player and an infinite battery pack, these would be CD's that you would bring with you to survive 5-10 years or whatever. They are some of my favorites, and still interest me greatly. I guess it will depend if they are actually up on Youtube in their entirety, so if now, I'll try to throw a few links to song highlights. If you don't want to listen, that is fine with me .. but if you wish to get inside of Dee's brain a bit, it wouldn't hurt to play them through from beginning to end. You know you want to baby!

Here is the first .. Angel Rat by Voivod. I love quite a few of their albums, and Nothingface is probably my favorite, but this disc has such a diverse musical landscape and virtuoso performances, I had to include this one, Besides, not everyone is a metal head, so this is a bit less harsh. Like the New England weather, if you don't like the music, wait a minute, and it will change. Since they are French Canadian, and English wasn't a first language, the vocals in places (moreso in their earlier ear-ripping mode) sound alien and jarring, which adds to the effect of shifting time and key signatures. It was rumored that one of the musicians was in a coma as a child, and apparently he was in some sort of parallel universe in his mind. Many of the stories inside have wormed their way into the music.

I won't do this for all the others, but if you liked Angel Rat, or if you like heavier music, here is a link to the Nothingface CD. One of Voivod's biggest fan's is Dave Grohl of Nirvana / Foo Fighters. When he did a metal side project back in 2004 called Probot, he got the singer to do vocals for one of the tracks he specifically wrote for him. Probot is another great CD to check out!

I should be back on Tuesday with another caption and desert island CD!


  1. Nice CAP. If you were this good 5 years ago, then you really are skilled. How long had you been Capping before you did this one? >:)

    1. Thanks! I apparently started in April of 2008. I believe I had been at it for a little over a year when I made this one.

  2. Very nice cap Dee! You showed great style 5 years ago as I wouldn't have initially guessed it was that old.

    I've always wondered what it would be like to enjoy an entire CD (I wonder if in this new digital music age are we going to go back to simply calling them albums?). No matter how good the music is, I get anxious when I hear more than a couple songs form the same artist in a row. I think the closest I can get to liking an entire album is Green Day's "American Idiot". I really like most of the songs on that one, but I still find it hard to listen to more than a couple songs stringed together.

    1. Some albums just flow so well together that its hard for me to stop listening. For instance, on both Angel Rat and Nothingface, I don't even know the names of most of the songs ... which might be a reoccurring theme as the next week or two play out in this "desert island" series.

      One such CD which I don't think I will use in that theme is "Reign in Blood" by Slayer. Its 10 songs and 28 minutes long, and its sequenced to almost be one continuous song. I know "Angel of Death" is the first song and "Raining Blood" is the last. All the others take up the middle section so to speak, and its just blast upon blast of pure evil personified into musical format relentlessly pounding you into submission. I can't imagine those songs being in a different order though, as they are a coherent mass of aggression perfectly slotted together. I honestly think the impact would be affected if I just hit SHUFFLE on the CD player and listened to it randomly.

  3. A great caption I like the forced in forced fem to. I would have to have a good think on a top 10 albums but mud honey by mud honey would be a definite. it was the first cd a ever brought I got an extra job to by it and a player.
    still love that band, have not heard of voivod so am giving them a bash now.

    1. Hope you enjoy the two albums. If you didn't, at least you tried!

  4. I love how you managed to put so many prefs in short cap, without it becoming forced. Wonderful job.

    Hmm... Albums to take with me on a desert island. So many to choose from, but in the days I could only play tapes in my car I mainly played "If I should fall from grace with God" from the Pogues.
    Some other tapes I had in my car were "22 tunes live from Tokio" from the Toy Dolls, "Paranoid" from Black Sabbath, "Puta's fever" from Mano Negra, "Fifi" from de Heideroosjes (Dutch punk rock band, they sing in English and Dutch.)
    I had these and a few others in my car, because I could listen to them completely, so I wouldn't have to change tapes to often while driving.
    I wouldn't take my MP3 player by the way, but my e-reader. I'd have my music and my books;)

    I wanted to comment earlier, but listening to both Voivod albums took up a lot of time. At this point in time they wouldn't make my list, but it was definitely worth listening to.

    1. I have a tablet, and hopefully would be able to cloud source a good bunch of songs! I use it often for Amazon's reader. I know the first two discs, but not the last too. I can be very passionate about music, as you can tell from this post and the one I just put up about 2 hours ago!

    2. A tablet would work for me too, if I had one:) but getting one is not high on my priority list. I manage just fine at the moment with my e-reader.
      I've only bought a few e-books, but I have a lot from the public domain. for several books I searched for decades to get a hardcopy, but could never find them. From others I have a Dutch copy, but always wanted to read them in the original language. One of the first I downloaded was Jack London's "The Sea Wolf." I loved that book even as a kid.

      Mano Negra has a cult status in many Latin American countries, and in several European as well. I didn't know if they ever reached any fame in the US.
      The Heideroosjes are World famous in the Netherlands and Belgium amongst punkers and rockers. beyond that even around here hardly. I would have been really surprised if you had known them.