Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Is What Happens When You Find a Stranger in the Alps!

Shut the fuck up Donny!

Just a little quickie for some fun. People often wonder what happens when Simone and I let loose some aggro on a weekend and end the evening tits up until sunrise. I think the body count usually ends up around 5-8, maybe more if Simone's ragging big time! and Goddess forbid if someone steps over the foul line when we bowl!

Saw this picture the other day and said, "that rug really ties the room together," and viola, I had a inspiration for a Lebowski wink and a nod. Just harmless amusement for me that hopefully gives everyone reading a good chuckle. BTW, the title comes from a television edit of The Big Lebowski which had the original line, "This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!" I'll have more goodness posted tomorrow!

Speaking of posts,, Holy shit snacks! This blog had 10k hits on Monday! I believe the most we'd ever gotten in a 24 hour time frame was 8800 or so, and was I ever amazed! Especially for a caption that was almost 5 years old. Maybe it was the subject matter, or people like the model big-time. I'm pretty sure it wasn't for my "desert island CD" lists ;)

Its hard to come up with one definitive album from Nick Cave, because like his hero, Johnny Cash, you pick and choose by your current mood. Profanely beautiful and Beautifully profane, the music sucks you in like a old time tent revival meeting. I chose Murder Ballads because he reaches into the past from our musical folklore, and lays it bare, unvarnished and unwashed. You feel like you need a tetanus shot about 10 minutes in, but like a campfire story of a serial killer with a red, right hand ( the official song is not actually on this album!) you cannot stop listening, compelled to absorb every single tidbit he dishes out. The first cut is more of a recitation  sound poem, but it sets up the rest of the CD fairly nicely, which is book-ended with a slice of soul redemption originally written by Bob Dylan, but until then, every possible sin will be confessed to the heavens.

Bonus cuts:

One from the true man in black .. Delia's Gone

The two men recorded two duets together. This one and "Cindy".


  1. I can't complain when I make a cameo in something this wonderfully twisted. I also give you kudos for the visual work you pulled on some of the text.

    I'm going to say it: I'm one of those people who doesn't "get" the Big Lebowski. Perhaps i need to watch it again but I've watched is at least three times and I'm kind of surprised at it's cult following. It's not BAD at all - it has all the elements of things I like. I just never found it to be as appealing as many others do. Enough about that.

    I've had a bit of a spike in readership too. Last few posts have jumped up so I'll have to see if I can make more content to keep up!

    1. I can understand that reasoning on Lebowski. It took me a few times to warm up to it .. at first I was like, "you know what would be a good ending .. anything!" but then came up with, "it'd be cool if a truck drove by and a rug fell out of the back, The Dude picks it up and walks home."

      For me, its about the interaction and the dialog between characters. There is a certain zen to it that I can't explain, but its there. I know there are many sites out there that pontificate about it, but its accessible to me in a way that some of the other Coen Brothers' movies don't. Its not a masterpiece, but its eminently quotable.

  2. love the caption as you guess the meaner captions hit my buttons.
    love the dude. the film even makes it into one of my philosophy books (yeah I know, heavy) well have to dig that and film out again. I keep an eye on the British folk music scene they are all full of murder betrayal suicide and drowning at sea, to. the good old days. ?
    odd you should pick these cd today when I was thinking of my top ten last time I went for forest by forest a folk rock group from 70s just a lie back and mellow LP I only got it as a bright green vinyl reissue so am going to need a turn table on that island to.

  3. Ha, "the Dee" sounds even better than "the Dude," but yeah, I agree with Simone and Ian, I should watch it again also. It's been a while.
    Quite brilliant actually. Revering to the movie, having it's synopsis in it, AND giving it a TG twist.

    *Adding Nick Cave's "Murder Ballads" to my own list*
    "Red right hand" is currently used on the soundtrack of the series "Peaky Blinders." I haven't watched the series yet, but that alone would be good enough reason to do so.

    I was wondering, are you familiar with the German band, Einsturzende Neubauten? Their singer, Blixa Bargeld, has been the guitarist for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in the past.

    I didn't know Johnny Cash and Nick Cave recorded two duets. I listened to them both. For "Cindy" I found a great video on You Tube. The sound of Johnny Cash and Nick Cave, and the images from the movie "Rio Bravo." It is great and hilarious to hear Ricky Nelson and Dean Martin sing with the voices of Cash and Cave.

    1. I saw the video you mentioned based around Rio Bravo.

      I know of Einsturzende Beubauten, but more so know of Blixa, mostly from the association with the Bad Seeds, and I miss his playing big time. Warren Ellis has picked up some of the slack, playing nasty sounds from the electric violin, but Blixa was amazing with the Bad Seeds. I wasn't sure that E.N. was still around, so i will have to check out some of the newer stuff!

  4. HA! Great cap Dee! Even if it didn't evoke The Big Lebowski, I really like the design you used. And honestly... who doesn't love a good "Simone and Dee" cap!?

    On the spectrum of 'Lebowski' fans, I'd say I'm just about in the middle. I didn't like the film all that much the first go around, but I do enjoy watching it occasionally. And you're right... it is just too damn quotable. I swear any time I have an angry outburst I want to just throw the name "Donny" into it. "Donny you're out of your element!". And if I had a nickname to properly use in the third person, I would certainly add "...abides" to it as often as possible.