Friday, February 28, 2014

Tonight Better Be the Night!

or its a long life ahead for him!

Made this one a few years ago for Feargas, who liked being trapped in pregnancy, from what I can remember. This is an example of what I can do when I have to stick basically to what the person is looking for in their preferences, which since this was my one and only caption for them, I didn't really go out on any limbs making it for her. I'm kind of "meh" about it myself. Perhaps fans of pregnancy captions will enjoy this one, as its got a lovely picture, but in 2014, I am not really sure I'd make this caption. I would probably take my time and see if I could come up with a better reason to make a pregnancy caption before attempting it.

Thank you to everyone that visited the blog this month. Even though its the shortest month of the year, I once again had the most page hits ever. I should have some time on Saturday morning, and probably Monday if the snow storm hits and I end up staying home, so goddess permitting, I'll have so new kick ass captions to melt your screen and make those panties moist! I have a few already set up to come down the pike so stick around .. I want March to be even better!

I need some new music to listen to. I feel like I haven't really given stuff from the last few years a fair shake, so give me some recommendations you think I'd like. I mean, one of my favorite new albums of last year was 13 by Black Sabbath, and I kinda KNEW about them before! LOL Vampire Weekend's disc was OK, and the new Arcade Fire was very good. Goes without saying that the New NIN was also great. These are all bands I've heard of before. Make some suggestions and I'll honestly give them a shot!


  1. Nice cap Dee, although the pregnancy angle doesn't do anything for me.

    I hear you on the call for new music. I feel like the last few year's I just can seem to find something new that I can really get into. Here are a couple songs that have caught my attention recently:

    Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know?"

    Vance Joy "Riptide"

    Just about anything from Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox:

    Pokey LaFarge "Close The Door"

    Avicii "Wake Me Up"

    Hopefully some of these will tickle your ears.

  2. Arctic Monkeys - Heard the song quite a few times on the modern radio station in the area (its been such a great year for Boston sports I haven't really listened to much music radio .. Patriots in consecutive AFC championships, Bruins made the Stanley Cup finals, and Red Sox winning the World Series) I had no idea who did this song though, so I am definitely going to listen to more of them!

    Vance Joy - Kind of a Mumford & Son vibe. Something I don't think either my daughter or I would mind if it was playing on the radio in the car.

    Scott Bradlee is great. I think I posted his "Somebody that I Used to Know" video here about a year ago. I wonder if he does any actual originals.

    I'll try to catch the rest a bit later!

  3. I think the music scene has been very lack lustre for a long while. there is just nothing that grabs balls or annoys mum and dad. of course I am 49 and maybe out of touch.
    The good thing about music though you can always work back and find new things to discover I am listing to German techno and late 60s British r&b (Tony McPhee of the groundhogs is a rock god)

  4. While I´m not specifically into pregnancy caps, they can be fun. I never realised exactly what the appeal was, until Felicia made me one. No woman is more vulnerable as when she´s pregnant. But every woman I knew was at her strongest, when a new life grew inside her. And while they may not see it themselves, because of all the physical discomfort a pregnancy brings, what is more feminine than a pregnant woman?
    If you could see through my eyes, you would see that your caption is definitely better than "meh."

    It is strange, reading about snowstorms, on your side of the pond, while over here we have the mildest winter ever. If we had about a week of sub zero temperatures, it is a lot.
    Except for not being able to skate on naturally formed ice, I'm not complaining though.

  5. If you like the Aviicii song may I recommend the following: - It's like being rickrolled and you don't mind...

  6. i would love to see a epilogue where she fail and is expectiong her third child