Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Sharp Learning Curve

There is so much subtlety in being a woman!

Made this one for Sarine Davis (aka Belladonna) as a nice little quickie to let her know I was thinking about her. I knew she'd love the photo I found, and I think she liked the story I wrapped around it.

Its something I've noticed over time that I do think is a truism .. the wild accessory to the outfit that says, "I'm much freakier than what I'm projecting!" Usually men only get to really be creatively stylish with their neck ties. Women can show their individuality with earrings, brooches or pins, a scarf, jewelry, belt, hosiery, or shoes. My girlfriend is pretty casual, mostly in jeans and T-shirts, but she loves weird socks and interesting earrings. My daughter is still young enough that she'll wear blingy hair accessories and 80's type sunglasses.

Thankfully I've learned to read women better. Not that it actually helps me that much anymore, but it certainly keeps me from having to sleep on the couch, and usually keeps the teenage histrionics to a minimum. Its also fun to watch the body language between younger men and women (early 20's) at a club, bar or restaurant and guess the situation. Is it a first date, just friends that haven't seen each other in awhile, or holy shit, she's playing footsie with his crotch!

This song is awesome to play live, especially if you've got a somewhat drunk crowd out in the audience. When I was with the country band, if we had the rowdy folk on the dance floor, we'd break out the more rocking type songs, and this was one that I would take lead vocal on, following it up with "Tush" by ZZ Top.


  1. Fun cap Dee!

    I've never thought of it as 'reading women', but I've always been on the look out for the 'wild accessory'. I guess I just like someone's inner style just forcing their way out whether it be through a necklace, a pair of shoes, or a fancy bit of makeup. You're right though, guys don't have that opportunity. Shoes, socks, pants, shirt... and done. VERY little room to throw in something without shouting it out to the entire world.

  2. Lovely caption. "There is so much subtlety in being a woman." that is so true, and it is usually in details they stand out. Not to most men, but to other women.
    I'm watching the red carpet show for the Oscars right now. Stunning stylish dresses. Here's were the women let themselves go and still be subtle and detailed. Cate Blanchet in Armani....

    While I never was a fan of "Rod the mod" he did have a few good songs. I always liked "Maggie Mae."
    Even more so after I found my own "Maggie Mae."
    "Hot legs" was something I wished I had;)