Friday, February 7, 2014

The Greasiest Spoon .. and a New DIY Challenge!


Made this captions for Leda, who loves to be a hooter's girl, but you have to start somewhere, right? I always love working in the SRU wizard whenever I can, and its amazing to me that Spells R Us is almost 18 years old! The original story was written in June of 1996 and is most likely the largest TG (and TF) universe still around. I believe someone made a SRU story for fictionmania about 10 days ago so its definitely still active though I don't think Bill Hart has written anything in a long time.

For this week's DIY Challenge, I am posting a caption setting I made in May or last year and promptly forgot about! Occasionally I would see it and think, "perhaps I'll work on that now," and then not do anything with it for another month or two before finding it again. This time, I decided to let everyone try to play with it and see what they could come up with. I'm hoping to see some good submissions and plenty of them too as I think its got a whole bunch of plots running through it.

I invite everyone to submit something for this one. If you don't wish to post it to the comments section, please send it to me on Rachel's Haven. And if you aren't a member of the Haven yet, here is a good time to start! Its free to join and there are thousands of captions available to view, lots of stories and many Role Play games, both moderated in the forums and people looking to RP in Instant Messages or through email. I look forward to seeing everyone there!


  1. It makes perfect sense that Hooters would pay the Wizard a retainer to only swap people with good waitress skills into Hooters girls. They do have a reputation to maintain. LOL >:)

  2. Lovely caption you made for Leda.
    It's not really a surprise Bill Hart's SRU universe is still active. The wizard is someone one can have sympathy for. He helps those in need, and has a little mischief in store for those who deserve it, without being malicious. It also seems like the wizard has a plan. Also the rules for a SRU story can be interpreted loose enough to let other writers be as creative as possible.

    I still have to finish a few captions, no later than tomorrow, for my "words of the week" caption offer at Rachel's Haven. So maybe I should wait with my DIY entry until I am finished.
    But even with a picture that's out of my comfort zone (depiction of male genitalia) I have an idea popping up, and am affraid I might forget it.
    So for my entry:
    "Oh my, what to do with this silly little thing. You do know we will have to get rid of it if you want to be with me.
    We could have you transition, but that will take a few years. And why would we wait, over at Rachel's Haven we have pills, potions, spells and magic items to cure you from that awkward piece thats sticking out. We could also use a bodysuit, nanobots or some kind of ray gun if that sounds better way to get a more appropriate look. You know what could be fun? We could go on a holiday. you have no idea what fun places there are for you to become a girl.You would love it."
    "Well if you don't like it, you ain't getting any, or do you have a better idea."
    "Well, I could simply cut it off..."

    *Newsflash: A young man was arrested streaking this afternoon in the park. He claimed to be running from a crazy girl, wanting to dismember him.*

  3. love this caption, I think she might have to get a lot more ample in the breast area to before she makes it to hooters.

    1. Believe it or not, I think most Hooter's waitress are no bigger than a C cup because they don't seem to want to hire slightly chubby girls (love handles are a no-no there!). I haven't been in awhile, but we used to go often after band practice and most were skinny girls with B or C cups, and a wonder bra or two helping boost up what they had.

  4. DIY caption You alright there babe? said the client I like to think its impressive but you looked a little out of it for a moment. Trisha regained her composure smiled and dropped to her knees" no I'm good "
    It was always the same for Trisha, every time she saw a clients cock there was all ways a moment of confuses ion. the sense of loss, a feeling that one like it had caused her so much trouble.