Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Massaging the Truth!

After all the slushy snow we've gotten to day, I can definitely use a massage like this!

We have been pretty lucky with all the snow storms we have received this year. The worst one was followed by a few unseasonably warm days to completely melt it, and the last few were 4-8 inches of snow, but very light and fluffy. Once again, we dodged the major amounts of snow, but this time we are dealing with much sleet and probably ice tonight. I am working from home today and made the mistake of going out to clear everything in the driveway and walkways for myself and the GF since no one else in the building seems to be going anywhere! Now my arms are all tingly and I have to type a bunch of documents .. uggh! It'd be so much easier if I could just convert a few of my followers into sexy secretaries and dictate my emails, etc ... I'm sure I'd get lots of volunteers!

Made this caption for Jezebel the other day, and was hoping she'd like it, since there is some implied "bondage" in so much as there is a collar involved, although I wasn't implying anything other than her submission to me. I even had Simone proof it to make sure it passed the sniff test, and luckily it did, and Jinny did like it! That is always a plus when the recipient appreciates and enjoys the work you've done for them!

The caption was pretty much written up on the fly when I was surfing for source photos to use in a caption. The chair implied a spa of some sort (I believe its a pedicure chair) and from there, I ended up speaking the phrasing that was used to justify the whole thing, "getting all the kinks out," which of course means two completely different things depending on whether you are visiting a masseuse or a dominatrix! I figured I'd split the difference here and use both meanings. Perhaps its a little one note, but Three's Company built entire episodes on lesser misunderstandings so I stand by my work! Since I didn't want to give away the punch line, the title worked out pretty well too, since "massaging the truth" is sort of like, "massaging the books," but is actually used literally here in the plot line.


  1. Fun cap Dee. I'm sure your idea of converting followers into sexy secretaries would be fun, but I somehow doubt that you'd get more work done considering all the time you'd have to spend with the spankings, kissing lessons, makeup practice classes, and pencil skirt shopping! None the less, I think you should give it a try!

    I'm sorry to hear that your winter has gone so bad. Over here we've had a perfect winter... snow all the time that hasn't melted away since the beginning of January, the roads getting cleared just in time for another snowfall, wind chills repeatedly in the -20 to -40 range, and of course the schools now talking about adding on an extra week due to all the closings. God I love winter!!

  2. How cool would that be? Get a massage to work out your kinks and, son of gun, the world sees the real you!