Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wendy Is NOT for Sale!

.. and I won't rent her out for house parties either!

I made this caption for Wendy on the Haven, as I owed her at least one, and I knew she wouldn't mind waiting over the holidays for me to get a bit less busy. I saw the photo and it just screamed WENDY!! at me so I had to put it in a setting. I fleshed out the story, along with the twist in the ending pretty easily, saved it, then posted to her folder.

As I was doing that, I reread it and I felt like I wasn't quite sure I got the point across that my character was going to use his formula when he was all done on himself .. which is how he was going to escape from the mob influence (though he had completed his quota, there is often that whole, "I try to get out and they keep pulling me back in!" Godfather III dilemma that he wished to avoid.) Wendy doesn't like having men in her captions and would prefer to be a lesbian. Its one of the reasons I came up with the whole idea in the first place, and I here I was posting something I left vague that I didn't WANT left vague. Could you tell that was Damien's destiny before I mentioned it here? Let me know in the comments either way.

So what sorts of things do I have ready for you on tap? Well, a few more blog exclusives (I guess I need to hit the Trading Area of the Haven again soon!) including one made for Hailey Pixley's Caption Challenge, High School Football pranks, one based in a greenhouse, and something I whipped up from a country song. Keep swinging by to see what is going to be posted next time!


  1. So cute! Have I ever told you that I have a huge crush on Rosemary Clooney? Especially her clothes! LOL!

  2. Dee,

    Very cute and fun caption. I'm afraid, however, that I didn't get the fact that Damien was going to transform himself. I think perhaps there was just to much other information to take in, in such a short period of time. Working for the mob, taking out other wise guys, paying a quota, making the quota final bit of quota with Johnny.

    Overall I didn't miss that fact as it's a great cap with or without that information. .

    1. Yeah, I had a feeling it might turn out that way. I am glad that it doesn't necessarily get in the way of someone's enjoyment of the caption, but they most likely aren't getting 100 percent of what I had intended them to see. I guess that happens more than I like to admit, either through a lack of understanding on their part or me trying to be too subtle.

      Did you see the DIY posting a day ago? I did the submission you provided AND you are costarring in the version I whipped up!

    2. That's probably one of the most equally frustrating and enjoyable thing about making caps... having what you intended to portray being missed. Frustrating because I look at that as a failure to properly convey my thoughts, but enjoyable at the same time as it's like seeing the story/cap in a whole new light.

      I did see it, but only after you posted this cap. I did enjoy it and intended to comment on all of the variations, but sadly there was this cute little redhead cap demanding my attention!

  3. hi Dee yes I read it as he would be leaving as himself with his hot last creation I have to say I prefer it that way but understand that it was made for Wendy and her own tastes and thus your disappointment.

  4. Sweet cap, I admit I was a little puzzled with the ending, knowing Wendy's preferences that is, but read it the way you intended.
    I guess it makes a difference how you read a cap, if you know the likes of the recipient. Apparently that creates some expectations about a cap as well.

    I'm not really familiar with Rosemary Clooney, but seeing this piece, I understand Leeanne's crush, especially the clothes;)