Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas .. Enjoy the Cheese!

Yeah, its stinky cheese! Made this one for Hailey's Christmas Caption Challenge.

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I get Thursday off as well before heading back to work on Friday so tomorrow is a leisure day for me and the GF. We have to head to her work to pick up her paycheck (she's got the rest of the week off) and then will drop in on my guitarist at his retail hell to drop off a birthday gift (it's on Friday) and then pretty much anything goes. The GF likes Cracker Barrel so we might there for lunch, but I can really enjoy having a day off after all the Christmas hustle and bustle.

Even though we weren't able to see the GF's family, we are going to try to make it down there within the next few weeks so she can still see them. She made the sacrifice to move here and live with me over 14 years ago, away from friends and family to start a new life. Anything I can do to help her see those people will be worth it to me.

Our first Christmas together was really rough, as we were broke to be honest, and to make it look like we have gifts under the tree, we wrapped up boxes of pasta. For our tenth Christmas together, I actually wrapped up a box of ziti, and she started crying with tears of joy in remembrance of those rough times. We had our own place, and each other, and the dream of tracking down my daughter, who had vanished with her mother when she was 3 years old. Now, quite a few years later, and my daughter has her own boyfriend she lives with, works two jobs, and I've had the pleasure of raising her full-time since she was 6.

I may not have many material things of monetary value, but I am still truly blessed with a wonderful girlfriend, a daughter that is so much like me (which is good AND bad!) a loving family and many wonderful friends, both in real life and here on the interwebz. Believe me, I don't take any of that for granted and if you don't have what I do, I wish for you the love and affection I feel everyday!


  1. Cute cap, merry song... and such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing Dee! If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go hug a family member now.


  2. Glad You had a Merry Christmas Dee.

  3. Dear Dee,

    Your Christmas sentiments are truly touching. You really seem to have things in proper perspective. Have a great day off.



  4. I always love misspelling and misreading as a cause for transformation in a cap, and you nailed this one.

    Your post brightened my day, in a time of year that had its downs in the past. Sometimes it's hard for me to look beyond that and see the things I have. Your post certainly helped to do just that.

  5. Dee - Happy Holidays - Always enjoy your captions - Monica