Friday, December 27, 2013

3 Million Views!! .. and Other Assorted Thoughts!

Thank you for making this blog bigger than I ever thought it could be!

Pretty sure I hadn't posted this one before, so this is new to the blog and the last Christmas caption of the season. Sorry to disappoint those looking for more Christmas goodies!

Yes, sometime within the next day or so, most likely with this post, I'll have hit 3 million views. Since I hit 2 million back in February, it seems I am getting around 100k a month in page views, which astounds me. I was happy the first time I hit 100k in a month, and looking at stats, I'm around 105k per month now.

Since I knew I was close, and don't have much to do here at work, I went back and looked over the first few months of the blog to get an good idea of what was going on then, back in Aug-Dec 2010. Many of the discussions were quite fun to reread, and my discussion questions at that time were much more focused .. and truthfully probably much more detailed at the beginning since I didn't have a bunch of posts to fall back on. Most of the comments came from caption creators themselves, and it made for a great mix of ideas and ruminations.

Looking over the participants, you see familiar names like Jennifer, Caitlyn, Kaitlyn, and Simone .. but also people from the past that haven't posted much lately like Nadine and Martha. Then there are those that have dropped out of the TG scene like Smitty and Petra. Lastly, there were some people that I hope are doing ok, but I haven't seen anything posted to their blogs in quite a few months, like Sasha, Britney, Isobelle Nichole and Tina Moor, and Alexia. If any of you are still out there, or are still talking to them, please let me know! I hope that they are doing quite well and are busy from having a great life, but even if they aren't, I want them to know that I think about them quite often.

Also, Pretty Sissy Dani had commented a few times back when this blog was getting started, and I can't tell you how excited I was for that! She mostly posts cross-dressing pictures of herself now but I still check in now and again to see if she's posted some new "Artwork" or decided to tackle a new story. Back in the mid 1990's, I used to check her site everyday to look for new stuff!

That I still get people new to the site popping in and commenting, and then they stick around and become regulars, is always exciting to me. TG Captions are a passion for me, and I'm always glad to share what I know and my opinions with anyone that wants to hear them. The creations from 2013 show the evolution of my "Craft" and that is only possible due to the cross-pollination with others, especially those whose work I wouldn't have thought to read back in 2010, specifically those related to the "sissy" genre. I know now that I do not have to rely on strictly "magical" means of TG transformation and I think its made even those captions seem more real life.

I have also been looking back at the captions I made in 2013 for the "best of the year" posting that will be unveiled in the next few days, and I am, overall, very happy with my work. I don't think I've repeated myself very much, and made quite a few more blog exclusives where I can write up exactly what I want to write without compromising  The DIY captioning has been a bit of a slog, but getting people to write up something is always a challenge, and its good to see different takes on the same picture. Lastly, I think I still have something to say and express through TG captions, so I'm not ready to "go quietly into that gentle night."

Look out, year 2014 .. Dee is looking to kick some ass and take no prisoners!

I remember being a kid and hearing this song and thinking, "wow, that a long ways away from happening! I'll be a grown up then!" LOL Now that year is 15 years in the rear view mirror!


  1. Congratulations on 3 Million Views. I know what a milestone that is for you. Persistence and good material really pay off. >:)

  2. I seriously think you could be a TG fiction/caption historian. You know the craft and you've been involved for YEARS now. I don't think many truly know how long captions and stories have been around.

  3. Congrats on the 3M milestone Dee! It's a testament not only to your creative take on cap making but your wonderful discussions. Considering how large your archive is and how many people stop by to peruse the 'classics', I'm sure your monthly page views will continue to rise.

    I have to agree with Simone... you may not know all of the nooks and crannies of the vast TG universe, but you know more than most. And while many artists seem to come and go, you remain here plugging away with the same creative and passionate spin that you've always had.

  4. well done on the 3m that's alota hits. you always have good posts and something to say guess that keeps us coming back.
    don't think I've had any hits for my blog yet

  5. Great caption, and congratulations on the 3 million hits, and I hope there are many millions to come, and I'm glad you are ready for the next year. I lacked the time, and unfortunately the inspiration, to participate in the last few DIY's, but I hope to be part of it if you keep it up.

    I have the same sentiments when I hear "1999" but reading your post, the B-side of it, "How come you don't call me anymore" would be appropriate as well.

    I visited your blog a few times, Ian. Unfortunately there was nothing to see back then. Due to your comment I went over there again, and found a funny caption. I'm honoured to be the first to comment on your blog.

    1. thank you Helena that's much appreciated. my first comment I'm so proud yes I well have to get some more captions done real soon.