Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Its All A Matter of Trust .. and DIY Results

Well, most of us don't always succeed in our work .. but if we can learn from our failures, I think we can all move on nicely, don't you think?

Made the setting for this one a few weeks ago and had written a few lines of rough text so I could keep the idea for the caption contained and remember it. Specifically the last few lines at the bottom. I believe I owed Chelsea a caption, and if not, I'm sure she'd be making me another one soon so why not jump the gun?!?

Whoops, forgot to add the DIY captions!

This first one is from Caitlyn of Caitlyn Masked fame!

... and Ian snuck one in under the wire too!

Here is the next DIY challenge .. so get your thinking caps on for a nice Christmas caption!

Christmas is coming up so fast now its crazy. I have a bunch of work to do and only so many days to get it all done! Luckily I will have some time over the next few nights to relax and possibly make some more captions for everyone. I have a few Christmas captions already made for the weekend and/or the beginning of next week. Not sure if I will focus on that or just some regular ones but rest assured I want to make some more and take the edge off all this work I'm doing at my job!

For the classic song, I love this one. Its just OOZES cool. I don't really think its too date-rapey, mostly that the girl wants to stay but is giving excuses until she runs out. Back then, women couldn't really just be wanton and sexual .. they had to play demure before being "seduced".

And for the non-traditional, here's one of my favorites by the Vandals. We'll see another of their songs done by another group closer to Christmas. "I won't have to tuck it behind me ... Since I got my brand new vaginey!" isn't even the best lyric in this song!


  1. yes am getting the Christmas panic on now I always leave it to late,
    love your caption just like an ex guy power dressing but can't resist the heels.
    thanks as always for posting my caption and Caitlyn's gave me a smile.

  2. D I Y entry..
    Please come to bed Tammi you can't kill Santa.
    No way Santa going to change me back to being a guy or he is going to DIE!
    I'm waiting by this chimney all night if I have to . Twelve months as a grinning man hungry bimbo
    52 weeks wiggling my arse every where I go...365 days 365 sucked cocks....
    ok ok but maybe you should be nice to Santa and wish to be changed back I mean it was your wish last year that got you in this mess ' a hot cock sucking bimbo' was what you wished for Santa just kinda misunderstood.

    tried to make this a fun one hope you like it.