Thursday, December 19, 2013

Face Off .. The Next Chapter!

Can't say I've ever been the teacher's pet before now!

Saw this picture as I was surfing online and had a story come to me so I had to write it out. I know I don't usually post too many captions starring me so I figured, why not do one right now?!?

My girlfriend likes the show "Face Off" where makeup artists compete for jobs on movie sets, at least that is what I hear. There is one really freaky looking judge that creeps me out and he's not even that made up .. just looks like if Christopher Lowell and Dave Navarro had a child.

So anyway, figured that if you went to school for fashion design and makeup, you'd definitely have to have a final exam to show what you learned, and what better way to impress than to make yourself look completely different? Yeah, there are probably a ton of drag queens that do that for course credit all the time, but I'm talking DAMIEN here! Not exactly the swishy type . unless there is some sort of hypnotist out there willing to spend the time to make him think he's RuPaul!

Just trying to up my creativity a bit and make something that was completely non-forced and without any magical or other sort of transformation. I think its good, but definitely not one of my Top 10 for 2013 .. which WILL be coming soon to this very blog site. Probably within the time between Christmas and New Year's. It will take two segments, and I've already got the first one almost completed for publication. Each one will have an explanation on why I really like it. Looking through them, I am happy with my output for the year, as I think that from caption to caption, the quality was very consistent, with perhaps a few clunkers thrown in there for good measure!

Since its a blog exclusive, it won't be posted anywhere else. Feel free to comment and talk about what you liked and/or didn't like about it. I think I can take the criticism  without my mascara running!

For the traditional Christmas music lovers, here is another of my favorites:

And for all you Spinal Tap fans, you already know the words, right?

Silent Night .. Violent Night!


  1. I love watching "Face-off " on SYFY , as I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to fantasy and science-fiction in general. The caption was good, but I was hoping for an exotic alien woman like a Star-Wars Twilek, an Orion Slave-girl dancer. Still not bad. Maybe next time ?
    Why doesn't Jeanna post more updates ; I her / his captions, but seems like a long,long time between updates ?

  2. love this one, an exam pass and a date, result !