Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wendy Made Her Choice .. What About You?

Who knew Hobson's Choice was so full of calories?!?

Whipped this one up a few minutes ago for Wendy, who is a terribly sweet person on the Haven that always seems to get me into caption debt. I don't really mind though, since she can be fun to put into various precarious situations. The only problem I have is that sometimes the "Don't like men" issue can arise .. like it does with this awesome source photo I found today which matches Wendy's earthy redhead persona pretty nicely.

I was certain I wanted to use the photo though and figured I could plow through a reason to get her to the end of the story .. namely her eating my pussy until my fillings came out! I through in some light humiliation though .. I can imagine that sucking a replica of your own dick could be a bit off-putting to say the least .. and I'm betting that there is a spell in place that makes all her orifices crave her former dong in equal amounts of lusty allure. Since its a popsicle and not a real representation, she has options also as to how long it takes to draw out her transformation, and since she is fond of being busty and often BBW, I think she'll be sucking off her former faux phallus for quite some time!

I guess that I am really starting to feel better now after a lousy few weeks. It actually snowed this morning and its supposed to be bitterly cold over the next week. I actually hope so, because I really think the yo-yo-ing temperatures is causing my lack of vigor!

I think if I was just starting to get into the whole TG captioning thing today, I'd probably go with Mistress Jolene for a name. Doesn't that song just SOUND like a temptress seducing a man before making him her feminized thrall? I certainly do!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: SOOO, which option(s) do you take? Where do you put your special popsicle and how long does it take to finish it off? I am guessing that if you stick it in your nose or ear, you'll definitely become a airhead bimbo!


  1. love this caption great fun.
    my option would on first reading be the mouth at least I could still enjoy girls but then that could remind me of lost equipment. the she male option might be the best of a bad job on second thoughts as you can see I would have huge breast by the time I made my mind up
    I had to de-ice the car for the first time this year today wish I could hibernate when winter comes. but glad you are feeling better.

  2. A popsicle shaped like that would give a whole new meaning to playing with yourself. These are some wicked choices you present to us. Should I go for the spot that gives me the most pleasure or for the spot which make me become what I desire? I'd go for the last, so I guess I'd be a sucker for it;)