Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kaitlyn's Not Feeling It Today

She definitely isn't used to feeling what she's got!

As per my posting to her trading folder back about a week ago:
Wanted to make a 'realistic' caption that could capture the mundane after-effects of a change and contrast it with how we tend to construct TG captions and stories.

Of course, I didn't want to get too melancholy so there is still a glimmer of light at the end .. and isn't that what life is really?
I like making those slice of life captions, and I have written many of them over the last year or two. Ironic thing is I have another caption that sort of parallels this one but in another direction. I haven't finished it to where I am comfortable posting it yet. Perhaps I might rework it a bit and give it to Kaitlyn as a sort of counterpoint to this one.

What did I like about the photo? It has a glamour feel to it but she's not giving a huge smile, and its obvious that there is a hand there lifting her chin up. whether metaphorically or just to get a better view of her face. I envisioned that as a mother consoling her recently changed son and from there, I just kept writing until I got to the "zinger" though in this case, its more of a reaffirming callback to some of the dialog spoken previously.

As I had mentioned in the blurb above. We tend to think of ourselves as just, "I'm me!" as opposed to, "My name is Dee and I'm a 666 year old witch that likes to turn men into sexually deviant women!" I tend not to think about my physical appearance that much once I leave the house, and back when I would dye my hair some silly color, I would forget about it and people would say, "when did you go eggplant?" and it would take me a minute to once again add the color to the hair on the top of my head. Same thing goes for shirts, shoes, etc .. I think its just a mental shortcut for us to think of ourselves in a certain way and it takes time to modify that self-image.

What is interesting has been following Calvin/Caitlyn's personal blog where her personal image has been evolving from homebody to contract worker to full-on nurse at his current job. Its fun to see the self-awareness of when things kick in that no long is X happening, but its turned into Y and/or Z. It has to be ruminated upon, which I think happens AS she is writing it all down.

Anyway, I hope people still like this, even though its not quite the whole "wish fulfillment" type captions that people always seem to enjoy. Then again, this IS sort of a wish fulfillment for me as I'd LOVE to have a friggin' cheeseburger right now made of of deceased charred cow meat!


  1. Great cap Dee. I really like the idea of "It's just Me" being part of a TG caption. It seems that no matter what we do to ourselves, we still perceive ourselves as 'me' and only 'me'. That can even apply to others... I still picture one of my brothers as a razer thin little kid in Jr High School... he's now in his late thirties and hasn't seen thin in over a dozen years. My other brother is always in my mind as he was in his early 20s, mullet flying in the wind, clean shaven, cocky as all hell. Now a day's the gray in his hair is winning the war including his mustache and his close cropped top. It's not that I don't recognize them on sight, I just mentally picture them in a far FAR different way.

    You are 100% correct about my ruminations. Many thoughts wander aimlessly around my head, but they don't ever seem to gain any traction until I concentrate on them, mull them over, and many times write them down. Once they go through that process they move from random thoughts to 'Me'.

  2. a very enjoyable caption. thought provoking. there are many things we all get hang up about losing virginity getting married having kids or indeed for some changing gender. all life changing and hopefully positive when they finally happen and they must change us to some extent. but after that there is always the next level of angst far to few of us step back and say do I want this or am I just following the crowd.

  3. Lovely caption,
    I guess the "I'm me!" thing goes as well for aging, I rarely think of myself of a certain age, often not even when I look in the mirror. Only when I am busy with things I could do easily 20 years ago, but have become a struggle when I do it nowadays, I realize, The "me" I'm today is not the same as "me I used to be, or the "me" I will become. Fortunately a lot of things get easier by experience;)

  4. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! While it isn't one of my absolute favorites, I think I really got everything I wanted to put into this caption and am 100 percent satisfied.