Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vintage Sissy Propaganda (More inside!)

You have to enslave them somehow!

Whipped these up about a week or so ago and figured I'd post them all at once, since they aren't exactly captions but maybe more like TG ephemera? Perhaps they are more related to the ORLY or Icanhazcheezburger? type internet meme? Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

I am listing them in the order in which I created them. I had the 1st picture stored on my computer for many years, ax I thought at one point it might make a good picture for the cover of an EP for one of my bands, but was never used. Once I created that one, I thought about making some more, and Rosie the Riveter immediately came to mind, though she's been rechristened "Auntie Sammie"

The third one I just made but it doesn't "look" like the vintage ones, even with the old time font. I messed around with some settings on photoshop but nothing really grabbed me. Oh well! Can't win them all I guess .. it doesn't matter who wins the battle, as long as you win the war!

Next post should be a caption I made for Hailey. Had fun making it and I hope she'll post it to her site when its up here on my blog. If anyone wants to use a caption I've made, I have no problems with you doing so, as long as you include a link to the blog here and list me as the creator. I love getting new people to come check out my work and hopefully getting involved in the TG community!


  1. I did a few propaganda caps recently and I plan on doing a few more. Perhaps I should try my hand at something for you!

    1. I thought someone else had done some, but wasn't sure who. I hope I didn't rip off any of your ideas!

  2. Oh my, with this propaganda, the only man who don't end up as sissies are those who will become women.
    Great set.
    Altough the first pic gives me a totally different inspiration. Probably because I recently watched the '62 French movie "la guerre de boutons." (the war of the buttons)
    It would be something like: "Go for it boys, if we don't get the buttons for our trousers back, we won't ever get out of dresses and skirts"

    Metallica, If they'd known you and Simone this song would probably be called "Mistresses of Puppets"