Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's the Worst That Could Happen? (2 panels) .. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Go back to bed Chelsea! Its not too late!

Here is the caption I made for Chelsea Baker as part of the "Scare the Girl Into the Panties" caption event that was going on at Rachel's Haven. The scenario I ended up with was a "Witches Circle" which I am much familiar with, as you may have read in the blog post, "The Wind-up AND The Bitch" 10 days earlier. I really couldn't find any good source photos that would have given me anything to work with, and its a shame because I could have probably written up a fairly accurate ritual to make Chad into Chelsea.

I'm sure people will like this, but ir seems a bit disjointed to me, though often that is what you get when I am creating a caption, owing to my ADHD. I had a pretty good mood going in the first panel. Even with a limited amount of words, I thought what I had written matched the picture in a fitting manner and then, you reach the second and its Dee's goofy wordplay, albeit with a great artistic rendering of a queen of the damned .. and one that does match the model in the first photo pretty closely if you want to look.

I could blame it all on my watching the Evil Dead series last week, and the anticipation that they'll be filming a sequel to Army of Darkness soon (with both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi on board) but I just don't think part 2 lives up to the set-up of the first panel. At some point, I might try to start over from the first panel and make a new series, though I'm not sure when I'd do that. Maybe it'll be some sort of writing challenge for myself.

Regardless of my remarks, I hope you do like it enough to comment. I'd also like to thank those who've visited in the last few days. This blog has had its largest amount of page views since it started, even as some of the posts have had way lower than average hits. I think that means that my best stuff is really good, and the stuff that misses the mark, REALLY doesn't resonate with most people. I hope to elevate my captioning to pull up the lack of quality in some of what I make.

Always thought that this would've been great if the movie company approved it.


  1. Excellent captions!! I love the especially witty ones.

  2. Dee,

    I'm not surprised at your growing following. You consistently create excellent captions, plus your added video clips to go with your posts are always interesting to watch. If you step it up any more the rest of us are going to look lame.



  3. Great cap. I like it, how the first panel has an innocent picture, with darker writing, while there are a bunch of undead in the second panel, with your typical sense of humour in writing.
    By the way, do you know who the artist in the second panel is?

    Uhmm... What lack of quality?