Monday, August 12, 2013

Mingling at the Party!

Try a mimosa .. its really good!

Made this one the other day for Tranzmute, though I didn't proof and post it until today. It needed some editing, as I didn't like the order in which I had them saying things. As in, Terri would say a few things, then Steffie would reply to something all the way at the beginning of the quote, and have to say, "and speaking of BLAH, yadda yadda," which did NOT flow well at all. I am a bit happier with the version I am posting here and on the Haven.

This is an interesting tidbit about the caption .. I have no idea exactly which one is which. I am not quite sure if it matters or not, to be honest. Each reader can identify with the one they wish to be I think. The girl on the left is being more defiant and sneaky, but the one on the right has the somewhat more feminine outfit and an exaggerated smile. Your guess is as good as mine!

And of course, Sissy Leeanne is floating around somewhere there serving drinks .. You didn't think his WIFE as the hostess of this soiree would be serving, did you? I mean, look at the title .. Server. Its got "SERVE" right there as the 1st five letters!


  1. Lovely,
    My guess is that the girl on the left is Terri, as I doubt that any sissy who would want to avoid a paddling would be caught without her heels.

    The guy in the back looks a little like he would want to make a run for it the first chance he gets. He probably realises he's next.

  2. Yes a lot to read in to this one guess the reader can add the who and why to there own tastes.

    1. Its honestly what I pulled out of the picture. It gave me a discussion and I wasn't sure WHO was saying what .. so I left it that way. I mean, they are BOTH sissies, just in different situations at that stage.

  3. And as presiding judge, I assure you I'd do what was in everyone's best interest, and that always includes one more sissy in the world. LOL