Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baking Brownies

Some Lovin' from the Oven!

Making this a real short post. Had quite a long day, and got home to relax and found out that the GF's car stopped moving about 2 miles from her work, which is about 45 miles from home. She is going to have it towed to our mechanic and hopefully he can take care of it cheaply. Light a candle and/or say some prayers for us tonight .. since we didn't win Powerball last night either! Either way, I am going to be leaving here soon hopefully to pick her and a co-worker up from the mechanic. I guess it depends how long it takes AAA to bring it back. It sucks that she works 2nd shift and so far away from home but what else can we do? I mean, we all need to eat!


  1. It seems you don't have much luck this year with cars.
    Gary Numan? Like I wasn't feeling old already, as I worked with two temps yesterday who aren't even my age combined :)
    To them bands like Ultrafox, Spandau Ballet, Soft Cell and of course: Tubeway Army were some obsure find. It used to be mainstraim once (around here anyway)
    Well, at least I got to amaze them with my "knowledge" of "obscure music"

  2. Ah, the way to a man's heart - through the stomach. Nice Desert; Nice CAP. >:)

  3. Door to door lingerie. . . who knows who is doing that one.