Thursday, July 11, 2013

Working 9 to 5 ... or Perhaps 10 to 6 Suits Her Better?

Well, lookie here .. its a new caption!

Was over at Rachel's Haven .. doing Admin stuff .. aka boring shit that no one really wants to hear about, and saw that the last few people that asked for Trading Folders all thanked the person that made it for them. That is quite the polite group of young ladies, so I opened one of their folders, read through their preferences and whipped this one up on the spot.

Not quite my best work, but at least I am sort of back in the grind .. just like Elyssa! I left the methodology of how/why she was changed because she likes "coping" captions where the person changed wasn't willing, but is trying to make the best of the situation. I didn't really think it mattered if it was a revenge situation, some sort of plague, or whatever the reader can think up. Now that I'm reading it again, it seems rather casual eh? Maybe it is more of a "Genderswap virus" than anything else if Chris can just show up to work a week later as a female .. unless perhaps a secretary or boss made the swap and they have to be Elyssa now because there is no longer a Chris person? Of course THIS is exactly why I often leave things fuzzy .. everyone can fill in their own blanks!

And yes, I know that the Haven is having a bunch of errors. Most likely when they updated the server software, it once again hosed the stupid Joomla and/or SMF wrapper. Hopefully it will be taken care of real soon! Keep checking in there!


  1. Oh my! Poor Elysa. I hope she doesn't lose her job. Although, that isn't likely. I expect that once she shows up her male pals will see her in a new light, and treat her accordingly. She will undoubtedly soon be anxious to arrive at work everyday.

  2. Dee, if I didn't know you better, I would think you didn't like what you created, but I know you better. But because of this the title of the first "China Crisis" album popped in my head, mainly because of the second part: "[...]some people think it's fun to entertain." So I'm on an eighties new wave trip while writing this. Lovely cap by the way.
    Dolly & Melissa! Here meet a musician my dad liked and musician I like. I wishe he was still around to see this.
    Until now I haven't encountered problems at the Haven that don't happen on websites with bigger budgets, and annoying advertisements. So if you admins can make the Haven run as good as them with the digital version of duct tape and a Swiss army knife, I'd say well done.

    1. My mom was a huge Dolly Parton fan, along with Barbara Mandrell, so I think at least some musical osmosis has to happen. My dad was big into Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, Heart, and I tended to absorb more of his tastes in music.

      It was an eclectic mix to be sure, as when we used to travel, it was one cassette my mom liked, then one my dad and I liked. When I had a walkman, I could avoid both, and often did! I think I still have a ton of those mix tapes in a garbage bag somewhere! I don't think its a big shock that when I was a bit older, I was a DJ.

      Truth be told, the Haven really is held together by duct tape and paper mache. Its actually like 4 separate web components held together by outdated code that breaks every time the server software is updated. Since its all volunteer admins and staff that work without pay, it will probably continue to run like this. Its why Fictionmania has had many of the same issues. Its could possibly be easier to start over and build an entire new site, but that isn't in the plans at this time. However, if there are any really rich donors out there, we ARE listening!!