Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's Me ... Petra! Those Balls Are a Distraction!

That's what SHE said!

I wanted to make a caption for Petra, and when I saw this picture, I knew I could whip up something silly and fun while still being somewhat naughty. I know she's been gone for awhile now, but I think she pops in occasionally to see what others are up to whenever she gets some free time.

Also, people like Ian, Matt Ingle, and Linda said they'd like to see some more hypnosis captions, so why not oblige them with something brand new?!? My main plot point here is that words can be very powerful devices in the wrong hands, or even in the right hands!

Got a few more people signed up to follow me here on Blogger, so I'm getting close to 300! Hopefully in the next month or two I can shout "THIS IS SPARTA!" and celebrate!

Anyone do something exciting on Bastille Day? I've been listening to non-Nickelback Canadian Rock Bands like Triumph, Anvil, Raven, etc ... Here's something from hardcore legends .. and the west coast of Canada .. DOA!

.. and a little something from Canadians, NOMEANSNO!


  1. Fun cap! Thanks for doing another hypnosis caption. I like this one a lot.

  2. Yeah, keep the hypnosis and obliviousness coming!

  3. What, no Rush in your Canadian rock anthems. What about They Might be Canadians ... I mean The Barenaked Ladies or Bob and Doug McKenzie (how's it goin' eh

    Funny cap Dee. You always know just the right thing to say make me oooohh sooo compliant and comfortable.