Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hailey .. Princess of the Yukon!

She's definitely a YUKON HO!

This was my entry into Hailey Pixley's 200th post contest at A Tights Spot. You can see them all HERE on her blog. I think everyone did a great job, and there was even a first timer that made a caption that many people would be happy with if it was the 50th they've ever created. I hope everyone enjoys this one and all the entries. Hailey was diplomatic and declared everyone a winner, and to be honest, I agree with her. Lots of different takes on the 3 pictures she gave us to use.

My take on it was to use the old time safe that was in the source picture. Once I started down the path of a train robbery (and thinking about Shanghai Noon, the movie) I realized that I needed to remove the light switches within the hole in the wall in the middle of the left corner of the photo. I just sort of blurred it out so that the wall still looks old and decrepit. I know that her clothing is a bit anachronistic, but its still pretty fun to work with, and I incorporated the work boots into it to give it an extra degree of "buy-in" to my story. I really do like to tie the story around the picture if at all possible. I don't want it to seem like almost any picture would match what I was writing.

I also wanted to integrate the font into the style of the overall caption, so I went with a somewhat old-time feeling font that was still quite legible. I know it still looks like a "Dee caption" but many times when I do something special I try to break out something not quite ordinary for me. I actually like the font and might use it if the opportunity comes up again.

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DISCUSSION QUESTION: Does anyone else out there like TG captions set in the past? How far back do you like them to go? Does the clothing throw you out of the plot too much?


  1. Get better every time I see it. ;) Thanks again Dee!

  2. Yes I think captions set in the past work. I did start a tg blog history set but still work in progress. I guess for my own tastes it would be Victorian era the corsets big dresses un emancipated females.

    1. The Victorian Era does seem like it would be a perfect setting for TG captions!

  3. I'm getting a firefly vibe off of this... Damn, too bad that show didn't last long enough to get a TG ep out of it!

    Of course I love the bordello setting, very nice job! I like caps set in older times and can't really say that there's one I wouldn't enjoy if done right. I've done one with a flapper girl once, I've enjoyed medieval TF's and old west. I really can't think of one that I would be against.

    Heck, I bet someone could pull off a caveman TF. Being dragged around by my hair into my former rival's cave? yeah, I can see that.