Thursday, May 2, 2013

Getting to Know Your Girlfriends Cravings!

Try it .. you might like the taste!

Wrote this one a few years ago for lilchubbyari. I really liked the model, though she didn't last too long on Southern Charms. Figured that the fans of BBW would enjoy this caption, and I know I haven't really posted any for them lately! I think if we are really going to enjoy femininity, we should embrace all kinds, including the fluffy women. I can imagine the feeling of boobs hanging down as you bend over is an interesting feeling, especially if your nipples are particularly sensitive. I'm not sure about you, but every chubby girl I've met (except for one!) was REALLY good at oral too! So if you ended up in a body like this model, you BETTER be ready to pleasure everyone with that mouth!

Tonight I won't post a song that matches the caption. I am posting it to honor a guitarist from one of my favorite bands who died this afternoon. Rest in Peace Jeff Hanneman, age 49.

I bet he's hanging around Rock and Roll Hell with Dimebag, Chuck Schuldiner, and Cliff Burton among others. Seems like the house band there gets better every year!

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  1. Cute caption.
    I only dated one Rubens model. She was a great kisser, I can almost feel it when I think back of it. She was way more adventurous than me, and unfortunately way to impatient to let me catch up. So it didn't work out. Otherwise she was a sweet girl, and she had a very cute face. Ah her kiss did promise so much more.
    I think there's beauty in all women, you just have to know how to look. Having a "dream girl" in mind is one thing. But focussing on that ideal makes you lose sight of all other beauties in my opinion.

    I didn't hear about Jeff Hanneman's passing away until I read it on your blog. It's a great loss. You chose your songs to honour him very well.