Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Genius in France? .. Oui Oui Madame!

Maybe we got lost in the translation?

Yes, this is a VERY groan-inducing caption, but I'm not too proud to make those sort of things. I actually hope that Kaitlyn snorted when reading this one to herself. If she did, then I did my job on this one. Its actually sort of based off a quick piece of dialog from the movie, Clue between Collette the maid and Mrs. Peacock.

I took the title from a Weird Al song, and Jillisa was slightly upset that it wasn't referenced in the caption itself, so here is the song to keep you amused while I talk about boring Blog Stuff!

Here is that monthly little thing like Caitlyn does. Though I don't seem to do it every month, sometimes its good to reflect on the last 30 days or so. Page hits have been about the same since February, averaging about 102k each month for Feb, March, and now April. The most popular caption posting for April seems to be "Raise Your Self-Esteem .. and Influence People" which despite coming out on the 18th, its got 800 more views than the 2nd place finisher, "The Fire Down Below". The lowest viewed 'caption" blog is "Mowing the Lawn" which is still on the 1st page of this blog, and has less than 1k views. Its not a shock that the most commented on caption is, "Looking Closely .. Can You See It Clearly?" which probably happened because of the spirited debate about college football. Apparently we are even more passionate about student athletes than we are about TG stuff! However, that topic is now closed and I will delete any further discussion on either side.

Keep on rockin' peoples! Even if you are a shy boy, you could end up being a Genius in France!

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  1. To be honest, I didn't get the joke in your caption the first time I watched it. I had the feeling I missed something, so I peeked in Kaitlyn's folder at the haven. Now I get it, a little late, but it's hilarious. I'm afraid I won't be a genius, not even in France. C'est la vie.