Monday, April 1, 2013

Shysteffie is back .. Playin Petra too!


April Fools! Well, only sorta.

They ARE both coming back ... along with some of my other favorites of the past from the Haven .. as part of my new, "Dee's Dungeness Crab Cake Dungeon" theme restaurant based in Maryland ... whoops! Not time to release THAT information yet!  I will be featuring some captioners from the dark recesses of the inactive trading folders on the Haven in an "as yet to be named segment" of this blog. I sent out a PM to a few people that I hold dear and sort of vanished, asking them the following:
I was reminiscing in my blog the other day about how Steffie, Petra, Courtney, and Bimbo Jessica made lots of "silly yet sexy" captions and that no one is really making them like that any more (other than me and sometimes Kaitlyn) and how I miss those. Even more so, we have been getting many new captioners, both here and on my blog, that really haven't a clue what the people I've named have done.
So other than reaching out you to all and saying "HI! I miss you all so much!" I was wondering if you would mind me posting some of my favorite captions that you've made, whether for me or others .. so that I can possibly bring them to an audience that would hopefully appreciate them once again. I bring you all up often enough in my blog, that they must wonder if you all are on some sort of "Mount Rushmore of TG Captioning".

I wouldn't post any of your work without asking, so either way, I'd love to hear from you. If you have anything you'd like to say to people I can include that as well, and if you ever make a one-off caption while you are bored someday, I'd certainly post that for you if you wish. You can even BLAME DEE!

In conclusion, I am so happy to have known you for many years and sometimes feel like I've outlived my contemporaries so to speak, but someone has to wander around the TG captioning landscape yelling out things like, "Dagnabbit! Back in MY day we'd NEVER have used helvetica as a typeset. We only had THREE fonts, and comic sans was one of them! And we LIKED it that way! Blasted kids and their Comic Life and their BookFace and their Twatters!"

I hope this message finds you in good health, good spirits, and good luck! You all deserve the very best in life!
 Well, I chat with Steffie from time to time, so the last time I talked to her, she had received the message and replied:
  • shy steffie:I just read your message
  • shy steffie:you can use anything of mine that you want
  • Dementia:really? awesome!
  • Dementia:i was thinking about either posting stuff from you gals either as "guest captions" or a seperate page of "archives"
  • shy steffie:I'm just flattered that you're interested
So I knew I had at least ONE person that didn't mind me posting their old work. I just had to sit back and wait until someone else was actually around to read their email. Lo and behold, it was Steffie's partner in crime, Petra!
Hi Dee,
It's good to hear from you. I've been away from the "tubes" for a while so I haven't had a chance to reply until now.

It is perfectly fine with me if you share some of my captions on your site. I know that Steffie and Jess belong on Mt. Rushmore, those two have such a fetish for rock hard Presidents. I suppose I could be there too since I've always had a fondness for disproving the old adage, "you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose." There are some big noses there.  ;D

I hope you aren't being too rough on the kids these days. I know that they have short attention spans and don't respect their elders and listen to that awful racket that they call "music" (not like the quality stuff from our day like Milli Vanilli and Stryper and Warrant and Sammy Hagar era Van Halen  :p). I miss your wit and wisdom and puns and creativity.

I hope you (and Steffie and Jess) are doing well and staying out of trouble. Give me a poke if you post anything of mine and I'll try to come by your blog and get all nostalgic and weepy.

Love, hugs, and kisses,
With 2 people now willing to let me post their works, I feel confident in announcing this little endeavor. The main goal is to show off works from the Haven that don't have any other web presence, and since many people are scared to 'join' a TG site, even a free one, I figure it can't hurt to give some exposure to captions and captioners who've influenced me when I was starting out.

Of course, the big problem is trying to get in contact with people that seem to have disappeared. I am sure that I will be chatting with the original Courtney at some point in the near future (she's writing romance novels now ... really!) so that will make three people, but Jessica hasn't been heard from in 18 months or so. I'm sure she wouldn't mind me posting, but I'm holding out hope that she will contact me officially.

This is not something that will generate 3-4 posts a week. I figure that perhaps every other week something will trickle out slowly, like cum from a sissy's boy-clitty cage. Adding a few others are a possibility too, if I can get in contact with them.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Should I make this feature a part of the my normal blog posts in here, or separate it into its own page or entirely different blog? I don't think it would clutter up mine too much due to the lack of consistency in when I'll be posting them, but I figured I'd ask the readers. Also, what should I call this little archival project of mine? Lastly, are you interested in the idea itself as proposed? If not, why and what would have to change to make you interested in it?


  1. I think this is a great idea Dee. There are always new people entering our little captioning corner, and they should know some of the greats that came before. And even if they know of Steffie's, Petra's, Courtney's and Jessica's captions they'll still get a kick out of seeing them again I'm sure! I think this should be BOTH a part of your normal posting as well as a special section. I wonder if there's a way to make a label (Say something like "Blast from the past") then have a page dynamically display only those posts.

    A name? Hmm... well I've already said "Blast from the past", but you could also go with "Mt Rushmore Captions", "Founding Member's Club", "Caps from the 'Dee'pfreeze", "'Dee'bonaire Caps".... That's about all that come off the top of my head.

    I personally like the idea as is, but you could always add more people later. I'm not as well educated in the stone ages of capping (Tee Hee), but I'm sure there are other luminaries that should have some light shone on them!

    1. I was surprised that people didn't really say much about the two captions I posted. I mean, the amount of work that Steffie put into that yearbook one was incredible! Way beyond what I could even think about producing!

      I think at some point the name will just pop up somehow and we'll be all like, "was there ever a doubt it should be called BLANK?!"

    2. You know... I don't know why I didn't comment on the caps this time. I try to always mention it first thing. Maybe it's just that the idea you presented caught my attention and held it tightly. Both of the caps you presented are wonderful. Steffie's yearbook one in particular went in a direction that many of us could only hint at, and while it has the 'thrown together' feel of an actual yearbook, it's quite powerful when all the captions and personal writings are added together.

      Petra's isn't as groundbreaking, but shows the level of consistent great storytelling that she maintained. It not only is a good squirmy tale, but matches Bren's preferences to a Tee.

    3. A thought just struck me for a name... what about some variation on "Hall of Fame". It would be a way to honor caption artists that have left the capping arena, without offering any insult to current artists. Much like the Football and Baseball halls of fame, people could only get in once they've been 'retired' for a specific amount of time.

  2. I second Caitlyn. It IS a great idea, and I agree also that it should be in your regular posts as well as in a separate section. I've only seen a few works from Shysteffie and Playin Petra in some dusty far away corners of the Haven, where most newbies probably won't even dare to go, you still need a map, compass and sextant, and not an app to find it. It would be great if they got the attention they deserve.

    As for a name, well just before I visited your blog, I read that "Queens of the Stone Age" played a new song for the first time in six years. So thanks to the remark of the Queen of the Iron Age, I suggest "Queens of the Stone Age"

    Two great captions in one post? Either we did something very right, or you are spoiling us rotten.

    1. Well, I wanted to show something indicative of the quality that each brought to the table. I can't say enough good things about both the quality of the writing and the design of Steffie's work, and Petra always knew how to bring each element of a story to the exact right amount to make it work.

  3. Dungeness Crabs in Maryland? It's mostly Blue crabs here!

    I would say keep all of this content on ONE blog.

    1. Well, THAT is why it hasn't been announced yet as we're still working out all the details.

      I think we are going to keep it contained here, though I'm not sure if it will just mingle in with my posts or have its own page where I will cross reference it in my page feed. Probably depends on how much I can deal with blogger.

  4. What exactly is a Dungeness crab? That word stood out to me though because here in the UK we have a well known nuclear power station named Dungeness. Went there once back in college.

    Love the yearbook cap though. So thorough. I don't know if you were asking specific people about caps or just any of us Havenettes, but you can put my caps up here if you want to.

  5. @helena radiant.... queens of the stone age? Just how old do you think petra and I are? I owe you such a pinch! giggle


    1. Please, do pinch me, because I must be dreaming, again I have the honour to talk with a capping legend.
      But how old do I think you are?
      Well, R-L wise you are both probably younger than me.
      But as caption artists, you are ages away from the new batch of caption artists that let me tag along;)