Saturday, March 30, 2013

Has Dee Officially Run Out of TG Caption Ideas?

Or has she just become even more stranger than usual?

Yeah, I was having fun at the Haven this morning, and picked on Commentator for posting that she had gone through the entire trading folder and made captions for each person ... and had somehow skipped me! The nerve of that person! Seriously though, she likes word play and seems to be witty, which are two things I admire in people. The ability to turn a phrase isn't easy and its why I got along real well with people like Petra. Now all we need to do is get Commentator(Dawn) to stop using such a large font in her comments and she'll be perfect! LOL

Anyway, I am going to cut and paste what I posted in her folder, since its seems like a little write-up from this blog anyway, so why try to reinvent the wheel!
Well, before I WRITE a caption, I need to test out the whole premise and transformation first, don't I? Otherwise something major could go wrong!

Reading your comments and some captions, I find you to be witty and engaging, hence I made a fun-filled meta-caption with much bantering. Not sure if you've seen much of my work, but often my characters do so love to banter. Banter, Banter, Banter! Its almost as much fun to say that as it is to say, "Credenza!" Try it! Use it as a battle cry! I dare ya! Not as fun as "Shish Kabob!" but not everyone can handle that much unbridled joy in one day!

Anyway, I figured that since you had made a caption for everyone in the active trading areas, YOU might be the perfect person to identify with trying to come up with fresh ways to turn guys into girls. I've probably done over 1200+ captions, so I certainly have had my share of odd plot lines, and often I just take whatever happened in my daily life and incorporate it into the stories I use for TG captions. Figured I could even use THAT and now declare I'm officially out of ideas. Hey, that gives me an idea for a TG caption! LOL
I like the idea of a "Haven House" sort of place where people that are writing TG captions end up using the devices on others living there, as a stuntman sort of lab experiment. It IS meta, but it would certainly make sense in the real world. I can only imagine the amount of time, effort, and money it takes to make a new illusion for a famous magician. Companies do the same for any new product they are introducing to the public. We have to protect the Haven members from themselves sometimes along with other rogue elements that wish to make them female! Heavens No!

I think that over the past month, when looking at the new captions I've done .. I can see a "So what am I going to do NOW?" vibe of once again progressing my creations forward and not staying in any sort of a rut. The fact that I am incorporating that actual mindset INTO the captions is a new thing though; Playing with the forms, tropes, and putting the real "Dee and surrounding community" into the captions gives me a fresh outlook. I've made a few clunkers too, that even if the recipient enjoyed it, I wasn't fond of it because it felt stale. Doing as many trades as I have (and a huge back catalog of previously made captions) I have to allow myself those from time to time, but is the inspiration to do something new and fun that keep my creative spirit alive and kicking.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What things do you do to keep the creative juices flowing? Are there certain activities, music, friends, etc .. that can recharge your creative batteries and get you out of mental inertia? Or do you just accept that you'll have periods where nothing good will be made and not bother too much with forcing something that might not be what you want to make?


  1. I usually try a new juice. Sometimes V8 comes out with a new flavor.

    Honestly though, I think taking 'Breaks' from captioning really helps me come back to it fresh-minded. I too often get in a rut of captioning similar ideas. Sometimes that means people will wait months for a return, but I feel like I'd be cheating if I just phoned it in for them.

    Also... Going back to T-Shirts since you've mentioned on this blog and my own that it's kind of 'my thing' but I really haven't made any in a while.

  2. People are strange when you're a stranger[...]
    but that's just Jim's opinion.
    You? Strange? What gave you that idea? From where I stand you're not strange at all. It's just a matter of perspective. Mmmm, according to Anne I have a warped mind(I love my mind). But, where does that leave you?
    Anyway, great caption, a toaster and a saltshaker. Brilliant.
    I have to ask, are you Dee-cent darling? (For those not visiting the Haven, follow the yellow brick road to Dawn's girly site for Dawn's cap back. the link "commentator" Dee has in her post works as well.)
    But Dawn having a large font? Neh, I'd call it an enthusiastic font. It's easy to read, the only downside is you need a magnifying glass to read other comments;-)

    On the creative subject, I can relate better as a hobby photographer. Sometimes all it takes is a change of perspective to make the difference between a decent, good or even a great picture. But it can be necessary to get dirty from time to time, or overcome some fears. I've been on my knees in an ankle deep mud pool, I stood on the edge of a slippery rooftop, while having high anxiety, and at some concerts walked quietly with the professionals to the area from where they were allowed to take pictures, just to get the picture I wanted to take. It didn't always pay off, but at least I'm not as afraid of heights as I used to.
    Today most camera's do everything for you, except choosing the subject, and I believe some camera's can even do that already. On my first camera I had to set everything myself, and I didn't have zoom. It's a great way to learn how to change your perspective. I even had my own dark room, only for black and white, but still. I regret I had a time I simply couldn't afford it anymore. I should look into the old negatives someday, who knows maybe there is some stuff I can use to make a caption. It would actually be cool, to have a caption to which I own all the rights.

  3. A few things Dee.
    1) Haunted toaster
    2) Pleassssseeeeee let me know when you're having a yard sale ;)
    3) I'm not really sure. I get inspiration from the strangest things sometimes. Unfortunately I've been lacking in the time and drive to follow through on that inspiration