Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Incredibly Irresistable!

I don't think that word means what you think it means!

This caption is for Niemand, who recently joined the Haven, and apparently has been following this blog for awhile now. Simon is the preferred male name, but hasn't picked out a female name that fits yet, so I figured I didn't know any Sophie's on the Haven that I could recall, so for me, she's now Sophie, which is apparently a common name in Germany according to the all-knowing internet!
Looked at your preferences and figured I would try a bit of Age Progression, though not TOO much. I also thought it might be fun to see what would happen if a guy was cursed to be a woman but had no knowledge of HOW to be one, especially if he needed to act like a woman to turn back into a man!

Hope you enjoy! I am totally non-subtle when I'm Damien!
That is what I posted to her trading folder when I submitted the caption. Its got that humorous "Dee" touch to it, and there does seem to be something off about that model, though most of the pictures in the set were much more 'normal' looking. I believe she was making a salad and got naked, etc ... but in this picture, since it is a close up, everything is exaggerated. She seems a bit hot and sweaty, which means her makeup isn't quite on right, her nails aren't too long, and she's making a face .. which all would make you think of woman that wasn't quite used to being seductive and sexy yet. I'm sure that Sophie will get the hang of it sooner or later!

Jeez! I don't post for one day and my page hits drops 3k!!! Think I'll be back tomorrow with another caption, unless I get some more of the spring cleaning bug that's been going around with the nice weather! I actually had a window or two open! As long as summer takes its sweet fucking time in arriving, I'll be a happy Dee!


  1. I find it hard to call this a great cap or even a fun one. It's not that I don't enjoy the story... that's hilarious. It's just the image choice. It fit's the cap just fine and in fact a sexy beautiful image wouldn't work at all with the story... but I'm finding it harder and harder to enjoy caps that don't use sensual beautiful photos. I know in a way it's very shallow of me, but I just prefer other images.

    As to your page views.... welcome to my world. The graph of my page views is a series of mountains and valley lining up with posting days!

    1. The picture drove the story so I had to use it. I probably would never have used that picture had it not been for the amusing story that came out of it. The set came from an amateur site, though not all of the models have the same sort of photography equipment. Like I mentioned above, the other shots in the set were a bit more composed and THIS one just sort of jumped out as so unlike everything else that I just HAD to use it.

      As long as you are being creative and making new captions, I don't care what you use for source material, if its giving you inspiration to do so.

      I think the big thing about the page drop was that the previous day was REALLY high compared to most of the days I've had lately, so that while yesterday was considered a normal non-post day, it was a huge drop off when looking at it quickly.

    2. I realized that my comment was written to hastily. I can easily see how the image would drive the story. And while I probably wouldn't have been inspired to make a cap out of it, I can be happy that you did!

      That makes sense on the page view drop. A high page view day can often be disappointing later when you return back to 'normal'. Last month I had several high page view days, and while I'm posting more regularly I'm not matching the highs that I received then. My month page view total is going up, but I still feel a little disappointed that I'm not catching the lightning in the bottle with my recent posts.

  2. I did like the caption a lot. Great story, and a fitting image.
    I think it's funny how both you and Caitlin use Felicia's male name in your last captions for a cameo/support role.

    1. I think Caitlyn's directly influenced me. I was trying to think of a guy's name and since Cailtyn had used his name, I figured, "why not!"