Sunday, April 7, 2013

Drunk at the bar!

This probably happened the last time I went into that redneck bar, though I can't remember too much. Those Flaming Dr. Peppers and Black Tooths made that night a real blur!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We bought a mattress and box spring and it will be delivered next Saturday so it gives us enough time to clean the bedroom from the last 8 years of dust bunnies and whatever the hell else is growing under there! Did some grocery shopping and made some meals for work the next few days too! Nice to feel somewhat productive, and if I was feeling good I'd have even gotten more done, however, the vacuum cleaner broke so I have to get it fixed or a new one before Saturday! A well rested Dee is much better than a cranky and sore Dee!

Make sure you check out my last couple posts if you haven't already done so! I know that I'm incredibly prolific anymore but I do try to post 4-5 times a week!

Made this caption awhile back and it didn't really fit anyone, and I didn't want to squeeze someone in that deserved a more personalized caption, so I held on to it for a blog exclusive. Hope you enjoy!


  1. This is great! I so love redneck themes.



  2. Fun cap Dee! I can just picture the wake you leave when you go clubbing... the next morning dozens of new girls waking up wondering how they're going to catch the man of their dreams!

    Congrats on the new bed. I actually just finished wresting my bed into submission (had to flip the mattress and there is hardly any room to do such a thing!) and noticed that there is now a distinct depression where my shoulder lies each night. I'm sure I'm close to needing a new one, but that is still far down the list of 'needs' and even below several 'wants'.

  3. Love the caption.

    I'm wondering Dee, before your Cure to go to bed to get a good night's sleep arrives, what music will you play, my guess is, either "I want to break free" or "another one bites the dust."
    On the other hand, knowing you, you probably have something even more fitting.

    1. I don't usually listen to music before going to bed as it would usually keep my awake .. I'm very active when listening to music since I'm a musician.

      Usually, I read or listen to Rifftrax, which is made by the same people who created MST3k, also known as Mystery Science Theater 3000. They have lots of film shorts and I'll listen to a few of those and doze off. It also keeps me from hearing the GF snore all the time!