Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Just Admit it! ... Questions that need ANSWERS!

Sometimes you just got to let things go and try to start over from the beginning.

Got a few "questions" from the "ASK DEE!" section of my blog, and figured I'd answer them all today since I have a bit of time to spare. Be sure to look at the discussion question, as I give YOU something to think about and hopefully answer!

Question # 1 is from "This Guy or Another"
Words go here! But That spot has been taken!?!

Love them captions!!! With regards to another caption series, as it would seem have spent many long surfs with the internet abroad with likens to Sissy Tip # advice colums or captions but fail to come up proper... Any sugestions with who may write them or a web site That has more? Have made many attempts at posting on Blogs but it would seem eror or lost words or URL failens & of the sort seem to take the becken call. Thanx for any insightful ways That may have been brought forth & if this Guy was only 20 years younger. Get back if ya please.

The insightful ones say for Reference if need of Sissy Tip # 55 Blackmail from boyfreind sort

If This guy has gone aloft surely there could be words exchanged but if left Hasty understandably That is That

Pieces with yas!!!
Your guess is as good as mine. I think that perhaps someone wrote something up in another language then ran it through a "Foreign Language to English" translator like Babelfish?  I really don't have many sissy blogs that I go to often, other than Leeanne's Sissy Musings and occasionally, Saragirl's Sissy Confessions. I would suggest you head there and see what other blogs they have listed at their site. It takes a sissy to know a sissy, and they are some prominent sissies!

Question # 2 is from "Teen Claire Bear"
Hey, Claire from CourtneyCleanCaps, well at least was lol. I was actually kicked off as well with my caps and work. I was wondering if you could do me a massive favor and link my new blog in a one off post or something. It's mainly just a blog with my old caps for the fans I had on the blog (all 4 of them :P ) to be able to see them. If not I understand, thanks for reading and double thanks if you decide to do it.
Well, the least I can do is do you a solid and post your archival site for others to see. I won't get into whatever captioning blog issues that are going on between Claire and others as its not my place to do so. The Haven has enough drama for me most nights! Maybe everyone will work things out and we will all live a fairy tale life changing everyone else into women!

Question # 3 is from "ShySteffie" !!!
This place is really cool but I'm kinda hungry. Is there a food stand or something that serves pie or pudding or kielbasa or clam strips or bologna or fish sticks and custard? You may also wanna consider pony rides or a petting zoo.
Love you babe.
Yup, wouldn't be a Steffie post without alluding to some sort of phallic meat object! At least she still likes pie! Steffie is doing well, and I talked to her about a week ago. I have an idea for this blog, and needed her input. I am awaiting a few other voices to get back to me, but not everyone is on the same timetable that I seem to exist upon. If you have any messages you'd like to relay to Steffie, you can do it here in the comments or PM her on the Haven, as she DOES check her messages from time to time. She's been mega-busy in real life but I'm sure she wouldn't mind a slight detour now and again to hear from some people she hasn't chatted with since she resigned her admin position.

Be sure to look again at a caption I made a week ago ... and She's Descending a Stairway .. to Haven! because I feel like it deserves more views than its gotten. The last time I had a post viewed less than 1k times, it was back in August of last year. Once it gets another 200 or so views, I'll shut up about it, I totally promise!

Here's hoping that the Supreme Court gets it right REAL soon!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If the situation in the caption above happened for real, and you were single, WOULD you date your former male best friend or would it be too weird? Who would be more likely to say no, you or your friend? What if the situation was reversed and it was YOU that was now the female?


  1. I would have no trouble with it, if he didn't, if I was the female. Duh! If, however, the roles were reversed, and I had to be a male as I currently am, but date my former best friend who is now a female, I could do that too. Might be interesting. By the way, love the cap!!

    Thanks so much for the elevation in status. Prominent you say? Wow! Love that! Thank you!

    Kiss kiss,


    1. Well, if you don't want to be Prominent, you certainly can be called Prolific!

  2. Wonderful caption, I think I would start with the feeling, why him, and not me? But when I get over that, I think I might. if the feeling of attraction is mutual, like in the caption. In my teens, I would have tried to date my best friends sister, if at the time I noticed she started to blossom, she didn't already have a boyfriend.
    And if I would be the woman? again, the mutual feeling of attraction, I might. But it is less likely, unless my feelings towards men and women change as well. On the other hand, if my feelings wouldn't change, who knows what might happen. Among my best friends is a woman as well. Currently there is no attraction between us, so who knows what will happen.

    1. You have a really good attitude about it!

  3. Hmm... I'm not sure I could ever look at a former best friend as a lover, no matter what she looks like. I do love my best friends but in a platonic way. Then again, it would depend on what they want... their physical form wouldn't change the fact that I would do almost anything for a good friend. So if they were attracted to me and honestly wanted to have more than a friendly relationship I would try my best to please them.

    I think it would be about the same if I were in that position. I don't believe that I could look at my friends and want them as lovers. I MAY be attracted to men, but I'd still see them as friends first. It doesn't help that my best friends are married... so not only would I be going against my own grain, I'd also be encouraging them to cheat on their wives!

    1. Well, yeah, its why I had mentioned the single person aspect to it.

      I have many friends and most of them are "friend" compatible, but not really "lover" compatible so I am more in line with what you said. I know that back in the day I had a few lesbian friends tell me that they sort of wished I was female.

  4. Loved it Dee, I think if this were to happen to me I would be the one who would feel strange. I couldn't do that with my best friend. Yet I know that I would with someone new. Just too much history and it would be way to to uncomfortable for me. Great cap and I loved the discussion question, made me really think about the situation.

    xoxoxo Katie