Saturday, February 2, 2013

Clerking Ain't Easy! .. and other things!

Paging Neil Downes .. Neil Downes!

I was quite industrious with Photoshop today, even though I only made a few captions. Since Steffie left, there has been a huge gap that hasn't been fulfilled .. the graphical awards, icons, and such that serve to recognize Haven members and what they do. Steffie no longer has any of the old files so we have to start from scratch. Sooooo, I spent most of the day making new markers for the 2013 caption contests, and also a few other graphics that will appear over the year. Not that I didn't appreciate Steffie before, but even *I* had no idea just HOW MUCH she did behind the scenes, and that doesn't even include most of the compilation of previous Haven Quarterly issues for fundraising.

Anyway, this caption image was supplied by KatieMills in her trading folder, and when I saw it, I had a good idea of what I was going to make for her. I'm a big secretary fan anyway, so a chance to make another caption dealing with them is always welcome in my opinion. It doesn't reinvent the wheel at all, but I wanted to have some fun with a trading partner that seems to enjoy my work and doesn't mind my quirky nature. I got to use Jenkins again, and those names in the last paragraph were just so entertaining to invent! If I found a way to get a "dust my credenza" line in there, I might have gotten DEMENTIA BINGO! Perhaps we can invent a Dee caption drinking game?


I have a caption coming for AnnaBelle that I can't wait to post, but I will do so on Monday or Tuesday. I haven't seen a storyline like this that I can recall, though perhaps if I have pilfered it somewhere, it hasn't been seen much at all so it might be new to most viewers. Its nice to be able to create when you aren't tired after working all day, and without people around to kill your creativity when you get paranoid that someone is going to come walking in and see what you are doing.

Here is a quick little state of the blog blurb for January 2013 .. I know that Caitlyn and Simone have been known to do these, and since I enjoy reading them, I wanted to let those who wish to know what was going on here behind the scenes. If you don't give a shit, just skip to the discussion!

January was another great month, and the second time we've gone over 100k hits .. this time by over 20k!! So in total, 121,741 hits in 31 or so days. October and December of 2012, and January of 2013 have been 3 of the biggest months since I started, with only June 2010 coming anywhere close to 90k. The two most viewed captions of he month were Fashionable (Fe)male on Display and Celebrity Skin .. the Return of the iBod which each got a tad over 4800 views. The all-time most viewed caption is Auto-closets and TG Universes which has a little over 6100 views. WorldofTG and Google have given me the most referrals as per websites, and WorldofTG and Tgcomics have given me the most referrals through links. I've often worried that if the blog became more popular, that the amount of people commenting would drop, but I still seem to get at least a comment or two per post, so that's good, whether they want to talk about the caption or the discussion topic.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So what types of things would be part of the rules for a Dee Caption drinking game? Its Saturday Night so lets get soused!


  1. Thanks for another wonderful cap. I do enjoy the quirky stuff. I know you have been a big influence on my work. But I will never ever turn down a chance to trade with you.. Even if I do make some caps that are WWWWIIIIIIDDDDDEEEEE!!
    LOL!! Thanks again Dee

    xoxoxo Katie

    1. Well, the name "Zzazz Zapruder" comes from a Batman villain, "Zsasz" who is a serial killer, and Abraham Zapruder, who filmed the infamous Kennedy assassination. Those are the little things I like to do to keep caption making interesting!

  2. OOO! I lovve this! A lawyer reverted tot law clerk. And then treated like a sex girl

  3. Fun and sexy cap and I am so jealous of that outfit!