Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Snake in the Grass is worth ...

... two on the feet .. or something like that!

Made this one for Nadine about a year and a half ago. She loves boots, so if I find something that looks really good featuring a hot woman in boots, I save it for when I have time to whip something up for her. Considering she has 33 pages of captions in her folder, there are LOTS of boot captions in there for those who likewise enjoy footwear that goes HIGHER than normal shoes.

I am proud of this one, as I don't recall any TG transformation dealing with this sort of thing, and even better, in a life goes on moment, Nadine takes ownership of her change so to speak.

It all seems so simple when laid out like this, but I think that is what makes it work .. a sparse amount of words paired with a great picture that fit together really well.
Oh Wow! I really like the idea of a creature in nature that can change you. Can't say I have ever seen this in a cap before. I love it!
There are so many weird things in nature, who's to say what lies out there in the jungles, or the oceans, or below ground where the mole people and CHUDs live?
The worrying thing is that that actually sounds like a real snake.  
Here snakey snakey snakey...
 As long as Circe isn't too mad, I think we'll be ok! And who doesn't want to see hot chicks as snake charmers as charming and alluring to watch. We will all be under her spell!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are there any other sort of creatures out there that would be good agents of TG change to the "unlucky" males that encounter them? Ladybugs perhaps? I can think of a few that might warrant a caption, but I figured I'd see what you all can come up with!


  1. Fun cap Dee! When I think of gender changing animals, sadly the first thing that comes to mind is the gender bending dinosaurs of Jurassic Park. Probably not the best cap subject material, and certainly something that would be difficult to find a photo of... but that's all I have at the moment!

  2. Fish have been known to change gender based on enviornment and what is needed for the group. That might be a fun caption. It's similar to the amphibian genetic code used to fill the holes of the dinosaur DNA in Jurassic Park, allowing dinosaur gender-change. Yeah, I'm that nerd.

  3. I know you two were thinking of animals that actually change their sex or are hermaphroditic .. I was just thinking of things that could be more of a deus ex machina ..

    things like Ladybugs or Black Widow Spiders or even a Chameleon that deals with karma somehow LOL Shrews and Scorpions might work well too!

    Wonder if there is something called a Dragqueenfly ??

    1. Ahh... yes now I see what you were looking for. In that case I'd have to go for squirrels. They just seem to 'know' something that no one else does and flit about all mysterious like. Squirrels.

      And if there is a Dragqueenfly, I'm sure it would be listed next to the 'Faerie Dragon' in the Dungeons and Dragons tome 'Monster Manual II'. Small dragons with butterfly wings that breathed a cone of euphoria instead of fire, ice, or poison... what's that? To much D&D? Ok I'll stop now :)

  4. Very clever caption!