Saturday, January 5, 2013

Autocorrect was right for once! Well, sorta! .. with even more Dee-briefs!

Damn you Auto Correct!! (Post last updated : 12:30 AM EST Sunday)

Well, this started out one way, then needed to be fixed when I realized that I had NO idea how iMessage worked. I had the basic gist, especially since I had snagged a screencap of a "damn you autocorrect" post from the actual website. It even had Jeremy's name listed in it!

So I wrote out the story, then realized before posting, is Jeremy the person typing it or the person on the other end of the conversation? Is the green quotes the person that owns the phone or the other person? As someone that is anti-Apple, I needed to know how it worked, so I asked a few people that happened to be on YIM. Caitlyn apparently does not have a smart phone, and 2 others never got back to me, but luckily Sorority Courtney has an iPhone and was able to give me the rundown. Took me a bit to fix it, but it all is the better for it, since as you can see, the original is WAY wrong!


Not sure if people have noticed, mostly since no one has used it yet, but I have a question area once again for this blog. I am following Caitlyn's example and using Wufoo, which allowed me to make a question form and NOT pollute my main page with it, once of the things that made me DREAD using Formspring. It was SUCH a hideous looking box, and once they didn't let you change the colors, even MORE hideous. Anyway, if you wish to ask questions, you can submit them there. Its listed under "Ask Dee" and I can't be much more direct than that. You DON'T have to list your name, but I put it in since its easier to respond if there is an actual name there.

I am guessing its either due to a delayed reaction on the Christmas Links, or perhaps everyone stayed home for this week because of the holidays, or whatever have you .. but its BEEN A BANNER FUCKING YEAR at the Bender famil ... ummmm BANNER FUCKING YEAR here so far. I almost hit 7k yesterday, and all my recent posts have almost doubled their views since Wednesday.

BLOG SHIT: As someone that now has a tablet .. a Nexus 7 for those wondering, and yes, they're awesome! .. I'd like to reiterate my displeasure of the CAPTCHA device on people's blogs. They are really hard to deal with when using a smart phone or tablet, and its stopped me from making a few comments over the last day or two. I disabled mine in July, and truthfully, I get no more than maybe 5 spam comments a week .. and they are all caught by the blogger software. I just clean them out of the system every few days. I'd also like people to get rid of the "Visitor has arrived from Dee-lusions of Grandeur from East Bumfuck, PA" since many TG people are extremely paranoid. I am not sure you can't just use Google analytics if you wish to keep a closer eye on your stats, and you'll likely get more visitors who don't mind commenting when you don't track people so closely.

Paging Leeanne! If you were to receive a caption, what would you male name be? I have something designed but need to fill in a male name to make it a tad more Dee-vious!

Hopefully this video works. Its an interview with Laura Jane Grace, the former Tom Gabel from Against Me! who did an appearance on MTV House of Style. Its great to see her smile!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is the best TG Caption and/or TG story you've read in the last month or two? Figured I might be missing something, so if you've got suggestions, list them below! Throwing a link my way would be best, but if you have a title and story author, I can hopefully find it!


  1. 5 stars! As far as best TG story in the last few months..I liked Nailed by Valerie Hope.

    1. Was it posted to Fictionmania? I could check it out there perhaps?!?

  2. Shame I missed this when you first put it up! But I got it now and I got a kick out of it. ^_^

    Actually reminds me of a cookie Christmas story. It's a short one, but it perfectly matches me and my.. tastes. One year we tried to make some cookies with different shapes. you know, Christmas stars, santa's, reindeer, and.. candy canes. None of them really came out all that well, but were still edible! Only thing is, the candy cane cookie looked more like a certain male appendage.. and yes, i did have a bite of it. ~_^

    1. Of COURSE you did Sweetie. I bet it was awfully hard to resist, with it looking all hard and everything! I also bet you did swallow! Did icing come out the top?