Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ultimate Karaoke .. You Shook Me All Night Long!

Had the day off and was making some caption goodness for people I owed on the Haven AND the upcoming Haven Quarterly Issue 4. Its nice to have the week off, though its already half over!

I have more things to do for the rest of the week, but I do hope to update once or twice more before Monday rolls around again and its back to work I go.

This caption was inspired by a picture that Chelsea Baker posted in her photo trading folder. When I saw it, I was struck by the hat .. which I usually associate with AC/DC. From there, it wasn't too hard to turn it into an Ultimate Karaoke caption, especially since it was still on my mind from posting one up here a week or two ago.

Yes, it is supposed to be "sightless eyes" but she had to sing it wrong to lose, right? It all ties in though, since I'm sure that Chad was thinking about THIS VIDEO:

Lets hope in embeds because I couldn't find THIS version on Youtube.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Which unlikely songs might make good Ultimate Karaoke TG captions? I mean, most people don't think of AC/DC and TG captions in the same breath. Maybe some suggestions might lead to more of these?!?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

After the Shower, Before the Date!

Guess its been pretty quiet here and elsewhere this weekend in the TG blog universe (except Caitlyn, who apparently has a warehouse of clones working day and night to feed voracious caption viewers!) as most in the US celebrate Memorial Day with a long weekend. I had a bit of time here to post a caption and maybe make a quick statement. My next few days should be busy as we celebrate my Dad's 65 birthday tomorrow and then on Tuesday the GF and I celebrate 13 years together by heading up to Boston to do some sightseeing, dinner, etc ... Then I have the rest of the work week off for my annual "celebrate the anniversary week off" which should be even better now because I have already gotten all the air conditioners in so I can just stem. Life is Good!

For the caption, Vampyro had supplied a bunch of pictures suitable for captioning. This one I found very appealing, and I am pretty sure I was interested in doing a "slow progression" that wasn't TOO slow. In a story structure, its much easier to do. With a caption, unless you are using multiple picture sets and panels, you are resigned to one image .. and its best to have it be the penultimate one, after all the changes have taken place.

The easiest way to show each stage for me was to alter the name each step of the way until the end. Not sure if it was a cop-out or not, but it seemed to be a clever resolution at the time (May of 2009). I often have little day dreams about this sort of change anyway so I am rather fond of that route of transformation. Things like diaries where the handwriting and names change over time, or some sort of "I need to reassure myself that her magic isn't working on me" daily quiz in your mind. "Ok, I'm still Damian McQuade, a 30 year old woman working as a ,,"

DISCUSSION QUESTION" When you TG daydream, what sort of scenarios do you most envision and how do they play out? Are they slow and drawn out .. INSTANT GIRL and now what? Something in between, or depends on the moment?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sure You Wanna Give it Up to Me. Sissy?

Got some time off from work coming to me, a whole week actually, and the shitty part about that is getting next weeks preperations done so that when I return, I won't be swamped with stuff to do .. aka back to a normal keel. Not exactly sure how that will work, but I plan on coming in to pick up my paycheck next week at some point, and I can poke my head in to see how dreadful it will be to return, then maybe do a few things to lessen any future migranes! I wish I had a job where things got done when I wasn't around. That way I wouldn't have to think about work when I'm not here.

The above caption was written a number of years ago and never got a comment back from the person I made it for, which really steams my collar. Let me know you didn't like it, or explain what you would prefer. Tell me you thought it was ok but meh. Tell me you drooled all over yourself when you saw it! Something! Anything! Luckily a few others thought it was decent. Just another name to add to Dee's Shit List.

We all have our pissy moments. I've bitten my tongue over the years at the Haven, especially since I became an admin .. mostly because we are supposed to be gracious. You know, "let things roll off your back, they probably had a bad day, etc .." Luckily I have some friends like Simone that I can vent toward and know that they'll keep things quiet. Sometimes its so hard to rise above things that people direct at you: hate, misplaced anger, projected betrayals, etc .. when you actively WANT to respond. In the end though, you figure out that its not really worth the effort to feed another person's drama.

And hey, I'm not always innocent. I try to say what I mean, and mean what I say. When I'm wrong, I will admit my mistakes and move on, as long as people don't continue to bring them up and shove them in my face as something more than a mistake. Bitchiness implies nothing more than Bitchiness. Honestly!

But DON'T FUCK with my friends. Simple as that. Its like that at work and its like that on the Haven.

I have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Not sure how much I'll post over the long weekend, but I'm hoping to get some captioning in one on of my off days next week. I even hope to sit down and go through some people's blogs and find more new stuff! I can't wait to be creative!

and DON'T FUCK with my friends!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I added humiliation to the labels. I figured one of the worst things you could make a guy do is sissify him so much that he wouldn't be able to use his real sexual organ to please his mistress. Regardless of whether it was some sort of chemical, magical, or other method, its got to hurt their ego and imply inadequacy. What other humiliating things could Mistress do to Sissy Tiffany that would continue the humiliation and give that sense of hopelessness?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Survey says .. Nate the Quizmaster

A few years back, "quiz" type surveys were very big ... "Which cast member of Different Strokes are you?" and whatnot. It was bigger on Myspace, but there is a section of Rachel's Haven that had a ton of those posted. I wasn't a fan for one simple reason ... many newbies would try to get their 50 posts to see the gallery by posting a bunch of "I am 75 percent Mrs. Garrett" replies to the original quiz post and link, instead of making actual real posts.

Sammie however has posted quite a bit since she joined though so it wasn't a big deal AND she seemed to be the queen of the quiz surveys. I figured that instead of telling you what/who you are, there SHOULD be a site that makes you exactly what it wants you to be, especially if you lie!

I thought it was pretty good, but honestly, it probably won't age as well as many of my other captions. Its been over 3 years since I posted this, and I don't think these sites/apps are nearly as popular as they were. I wonder how many people will fondly remember Myspace 10 years from now? Probably less than those who are nostalgic about Geocities vanity websites in the late 1990's! I vaguely recall Pretty Sissy Dani's one there, though I think she might have had her own URL at some point.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I think we've done a variation of this before, but what TG or TF site do you miss the most? i know some of them are available in archive form, but which ones do you wish were still around and in their prime?

PS. I am not sure if I posted this one before. If I did, oh well!!

PPS: The irony in all this is that I just popped onto the Haven and the 2nd newest posting refers to a quiz. Perhaps I've been too quick to declare quizzes and surveys dead?!?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Magic Bra

Here's a quickie I made a long time ago. Last night, we were at a Walmart looking for some work appropriate shirts for summer (Henleys, which only Walmart seems to want to carry) and I saw a few teenage girls and one teenage boy in the intimate apparel section (which is usually RIGHT next to the dressing rooms.) Of course, one of the girls is holding up a watermelon colored bra to his chest and teasing him. It reminded me of this caption, so here it is. The Magic Bra is an actual product, or at least it was when the caption was made.

Got one of the AC units in yesterday, and I hope to get another one in today depending on how long the Harry Potter birthday party lasts. Found out last year that its much better to have the air conditioning in a week BEFORE you need it than a week after you are swimming in hot magma.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a Walmart: or other store, but usually the weirdest stuff is at a Walmart! Doesn't have to be TG, though those stories are definitely welcome. I can think of one or two, and yes, they both involve teenage girls!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A New Type of Friendship

Its getting harder to figure out which captions I've posted here. I thought I had posted this one awhile back, but going through the entire blog, I noticed it was missing. Its easy to figure out when I've just made the caption a week ago, but the ones from the archives tend to fade in my mind. I need to make up some sort of list so I don't duplicate unless its on purpose!

Anyway, I really like this caption, since it has a few things that I find appealing .. teen girls in pantyhose somewhat oblivious to the fact that they've been changed. They know SOMETHING isn't quite right, but its only a hunch. Perhaps they will figure it out BUT be compelled to continue acting as females, which would make the caption even more "YOWSA!" as Darrell from Storage Wars would say. I guess we can call this a blog exclusive, since it was only posted on TF Media, which is no longer with us.

In other news, its Petra's birthday over at the Haven. If you get a chance, pop in and wish her the bestest birthday she could have. I made her a 4 panel series for her there, which perhaps I'll post here on the blog.

No discussion topic here since I have my weekend filled with doing some spring cleaning, prepping the AC units for window installation (one of the things I hate about living on the 3rd floor!) cleaning fans, going to my friend's son's birthday party (Harry Potter themed, which I really know nothing about) and if I can squeeze it in, taking my daughter out for a driving lesson. If you hear a high-pitched scream of terror on the road this weekend.. its probably me!

Feel free to discuss whatever you want in the comments. Here's a quick little topic starter. This summer, if you could, what would you most like to wear out in public? Bikini .. Sundress ... perhaps some Daisy Dukes?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ultimate Karaoke .. YOU ARE THE STAR!

This is the 15th caption I had ever made, which was about a week after I did my first one in a trade. Back then, I actually made more multi-panel series than I do now. This one tends to be more in line with what I do now. I'd really love to go back and set up the font shadow so the text would be more defined, but in a way, that would be 'Lucas'ing it AND I don't have the original PS file.

I really like the idea, and it was one that I had been intrigued about for many years as someone that did Karaoke a few times a week when I was younger, more single, and less parent. Occasionally when there weren't many people on a weeknight, the guy who ran the machine would offer "Russian Roulette Karaoke" where the X amount of people would be in a rotation .. he'd pop in a disc and pick a random song for the next person to sing. If you didn't know the song .. you were out! You could go from Paula Abdul to Bob Dylan to Madonna to Matchbox 20.

From there, I could just see, "what if the song you sang made you sound/appear/act like the act that made it famous?" That could lead to scenes where, "OH NO! That hot blonde at the bar is now the construction worker from the Village People! Not a big deal I guess because *I* look like Cyndi Lauper now!"

I like this "universe" and might revisit it somewhere down the line.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What song would YOU hope to get when you got up to do karaoke? Would you be better off to look like the person singing it, or the character the song is about? One of my choices is up above, I'll probably post some more in the comments later as I don't want to poison the well too much and influence you answers.

" .. and everyone is getting fat, except Mama Cass!"

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Position Has Been Filled!

Well, I ended up with many more replies than I thought I would get for the position of "Sissy Maid" especially since it started out slow with no replies the first night. Then I guess word got out, and people were mincing over here as fast as they could on their stiletto heels.

I decided that I should take them in order, since that was probably the fairest way to go. I will try to get one out to everyone, though it might take a bit of time to do so.

This one up above is for Chaosbeast, and completes the story I had in mind when I was looking for someone to be my subject. It touches a few points that I enjoy working into captions and I hope that I was able to steam some panties. I know there isn't much in the way of words BUT I hope that I have portrayed a vivid story, condensed into a pivotal moment in time.

This one was written about an hour ago. I did a Google image search for "sissy maid" and this picture set was one of the first to come up. I saw the pair of maids, and the idea pretty much formed right then and there. This photo worked the best, as I was able to clone tool out the model credits (Jessica Maid and Sweet Maid if you wish to know the models) and just imbed the speech right onto the picture.

This one was a tad bit harder to create because I don't know either of the people that replied. I guess that is one reason why 98 percent of my captions are made as trades .. its easier to craft something when you know what the recipient likes. I took a broad view of the situation, and made a decision that though they are usually on the same level as submissive sissy maids, that one would get to be the "honored" sissy and the other would be on the receiving end. I read both people's applications, and Jelena had "slut" in hers, she should be the ultimate sissy that night. If both Allison and Jelena would prefer to swap spots, I have no issue with reversing their roles.

I have quite a few people left to make captions for. As I mentioned above, I am going to do them in  some semblence of order in which I received them. If all goes well, I hope to do one per week. You might get a solo caption, or it might be a buddy caption. It all depends on what I find for source material and the ideas I get out of the photos.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What things do you like to see in a Sissy Maid caption? Any scenario you haven't seen enough, or that keep you blushing in agony? Figured I'd ask since any ideas that come in the comments could influence what I write in the coming captions. Anything you can't stand to see? For those who haven't received a caption yet .. what floats your boat in Sissy Maid captions?

Since these won't be posted to the Haven, I would like to see comments on the actual caption as well. Feedback, especially from the recipients, would be much appreciated.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Future Doctorate or Motherhood ... Happy Mother's Day

Wanted to wish all those who would LOVE the opportunity to become a mommy .. a Happy Mother's Day! Dad's get the short shrift usually when it comes to the holiday to celebrate. I mean, mom just carried you for nine months inside her body, then nursed you .. pretty much destroying all the youth and beauty she once had. Dads take out the trash, squish bugs, climb on the roof to retrieve balls, and are the butt of jokes involving the kids whacking him accidentally in the balls. All in all, I think they should be treated equally! If that means making Dad a mom for the day, so be it!

Anyway, this caption (titled "future doctorate or motherhood?") was written a few years back for BimboJessica, who was/is a dear friend. 
I really miss you Jessica .. I really want Andy to finish up the projects he's working on so we can have some more fun!!!

Anyway, I wanted to give you a wonderful Mother's Day caption cuz you totally deserve it!

Haven't you ever noticed that when you talk to your mom on the phone, what you say can be taken totally differently?

I did, and I'm passing the savings on to you!

Hope you enjoy!
That was the gist of the wordplay ... that all mothers of course want grandchildren. They end up speaking the same language though at different angles. Its why I really love the word play, where Jess is talking about school issues and Mom is referring to something totally different. Besides, doesn't everyone want to believe that Mommy's have special magic powers on Mother's Day?

Hope you celebrate your Mom's if they are still alive, and remember them close to your heart if they are no longer with us (like mine). Who knows? Perhaps one day you'll be the woman that would make her proud to be a Mom!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wanna Be a Sissy Maid?

Do you mind being a Sissy Maid? I'm almost done with a quickie caption. What I need is someone to be the star of it. Do you WANT to be a Sissy Maid?

Apply below. Or if you are too shy to mention why in public, you can PM me on the Haven. Tell me why YOU would be the best damn Sissy Maid for the job! If you win, you get to star in the caption. Everyone else can be sloppy seconds .. as in .. You'll be next in line for when I get another Sissy Maid caption idea.

I'll need your male name, and en femme name of course!


Can't believe that no one has applied yet .. and it seems so hard to get good help nowadays, even when the economy is in the shitter!

Anyway, someone Formspring'd me asking how to PM me in the Haven. Well, first off, you'd need to BE a member of Rachel's Haven to send me a PM. Its totally free, and has MANY opportunities for TG RPing and ummmmm THOUSANDS of captions .. in the trading area (where I do most of my work) and in the gallery, which has many peoples collections AND directories FILLED with captions originally posted in defunct Yahoo Groups or long dead websites. Sign up and you'll be having fun in no time!

If you already belong .. just find me on the Staff page and click onto my profile. From there, you'll see a section called "Additional Information". Click on "Send this member a personal message" and viola .. you can send me your write up!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All Pop Songs Need a Hook!

Made this one a few months ago for Googs, who is a talented blues guitarist in real life. This is what I posted to his folder back in February:
Well, I can sort of blame this caption on a discussion I had with Lady Victoria a few weeks ago, along with my love of certain words in the English language that just make me chuckle. My daughter for instance, can't not laugh whenever she hears the word "shish kabob". I must say that another influence on this was Frank Drebin from Naked Gun.

Anyway, this is strictly a "having fun" caption, which was brought out in my little blog post about hitting 1 million page views. For me, the Haven is about two things above all others, the camaraderie with everyone here, and how much enjoyment and fun I get from this place. You are one of those people that makes this place fun, whether doing RP, captions, fantasy football, or just chatting from time to time.
Afew semi-famous alt rock type musicians have come out and stated that are transgender .. the most recent was Tom Gabel from Against Me! .. not to be confused with Rise Against! The media is rushing to report the news, because Hey! Its something different to talk about that doesn't involve Oprah, Lindey Lohan, or Beyonce. Does it surprise me that this is happening? Not really. Coming out as gay isn't nearly the big deal that it used to be. The subject matter is titilating and you'll get click through's from people who have never HEARD of the band .. and you can bet that Rolling Stone (who broke the story) will have brisk sales when the issue comes out on newsstands.

The lyrics in this song make it perfectly clear what he's been dealing with for many years.

I like Keith / Mina Caputo's work better as the singer for Life of Agony, which had a minor hit or two in the 90's and conitnues to tour. The great thing about her coming out is the real lack of "WTF"ness that you'd think would come from metalheads. The irony is that most of them aren't quite the meat-for-brains that most people think. Of course there are some Black Metal more-evil-than-thou types out there, but I can't recall too much bullshit being heaped upon Rob Halford when he came out.

The main thing I wanted to mention is that I don't find it odd that TG people inhabit the world of music. Lyrics are personal yet universal, and you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve as a musical artist, and these two were the focal points of the band, musically and lyrically. Hopefully they can be trailblazers for others who have gender dysphoria, and raise awareness that they are everywhere.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

iCum .. the app!

Jeez, leave the blog alone for a week and views go WAY down! You people expect new stuff all the time eh? LOL Well, I really WANT to be accommodating but life keeps throwing shit at me. Luckily I've learned to duck fairly well.

I had a few vents lined up, but to be honest, its a waste of breath sometimes to acknowledge that people get under your skin. Just the act of writing it all out is quite cathartic. Someone diffused the big situation, so I never had to post the one I really labored to write, biting my tongue the whole time .. but trust me, don't go after my friends honesty or integrity again or I will call you out on all the semantic bullshit.

Ok, so it was a mini-rant. Feeling much better now.

Awhile back, we had a discussion about plots and I solicited for TG ideas involving cellphone apps. This came out of the brainstorming we did. I figured it would work better as a blog exclusive, since the person in the picture is not named ... just discussed between me and one of my minions.

Certain things are marketed more to women, like weddings and proms, greeting cards, and cell phone bling is one of those things that appeal more towards women. I think guys are more into the actual app/tools themselves, as opposed to making a fashion statement with their cell phone protection.

I knew there had to be more of an angle than just the feminization of males. Why not make a few bucks out of it as well? How do we know we aren't being brainwashed by our cell phones anyway? Marketing is essentially all psychology, and appealing to baser instincts of coveting other people's stuff. From there, it pretty much wrote itself.

Not sure if I'll have posting tomorrow. I plan on posting a Mother's Day caption sometime over the weekend. Hope you'll pop in! I want to build up some captioning momentum!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Re: Updated Dress Code ... and Haven Issues

This is something I worked up awhile ago. Corporate rules are always interesting to see, as in what is allowed for the different sexes, and specifically for clothing. I always bitched and moaned when I thought the women were getting off easy.

Its usually men that create the rules when it comes to what is acceptable in business, so I figured, when they make changes that affect women .. they'd fight back the only way they know how, well at least the only way they know how in TG captions! The former Brandon certainly helped their cause once they roped him in, now EVERYONE has to wear the same outfits!


Rachel's Haven has been having some issues lately with a software update that recent some other settings. In fixing THAT, it caused some other issues within the framework of the site. We hope to have them taken care of as soon as possible, so please keep up to date on the topics posted on the forum. There is also a new blog that Rachel started here on blogger ... Rachel's Haven Downtime Center. Both her and I have access (perhaps a few other admins will soon as well) so we can hopefully keep people informed if the site goes down for maintenance, has server issues, or whatever else may happen .. and things DO tend to happen!


I posted a caption I made recently from a photo challenge another blog had offered. Simone mentioned she wouldn't mind if I did it. I am posting these two photos of the same model (Bailyn from Southern Charms) because it reminded me of Kaitlyn doing her SNORG captions on the Haven. I leave you these two pictures, and anyone that wants to use one or both, go right ahead! In the comments below, list the link to your completed caption, and I'll update this blog post with the caption AND a link to your blog. This could be great for someone a newer captioner that doesn't have many followers. I don't have a TON of followers, but this blog has had over 1 million hits and 2-5k hits per day.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: The dress code issue is typically linked to the whole "battle of the sexes" and who has it easier and who has it harder when it comes to life inconveniences. When it comes to that discussion when it is a plot point in TG captions, what contrivances of them seem overused? Which ones can you never get enough of? Have we missed any that might make great fodder for future captions?