Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Magic Bra

Here's a quickie I made a long time ago. Last night, we were at a Walmart looking for some work appropriate shirts for summer (Henleys, which only Walmart seems to want to carry) and I saw a few teenage girls and one teenage boy in the intimate apparel section (which is usually RIGHT next to the dressing rooms.) Of course, one of the girls is holding up a watermelon colored bra to his chest and teasing him. It reminded me of this caption, so here it is. The Magic Bra is an actual product, or at least it was when the caption was made.

Got one of the AC units in yesterday, and I hope to get another one in today depending on how long the Harry Potter birthday party lasts. Found out last year that its much better to have the air conditioning in a week BEFORE you need it than a week after you are swimming in hot magma.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen in a Walmart: or other store, but usually the weirdest stuff is at a Walmart! Doesn't have to be TG, though those stories are definitely welcome. I can think of one or two, and yes, they both involve teenage girls!


  1. Funny cap! I like the idea of using real products in caps. Now Wal-Mart... well I used to work in a portrait studio that was inside of a Wal-Mart, so I have spent FAR to much time in one. But I think the weirdest thing I saw (or maybe its just the saddest thing I saw) was a grubby woman bringing her grubby child in, buying a new T-Shirt (if I'm remembering right it was NASCAR related), a comb, and some baby wipes. After finalizing their purchase they marched into the studio where she proceeded to clean up her child using the baby wipes, comb her child's hair (then throwing the comb away) and having me take his picture.

    Whenever I think of Wal-Mart, I think of Wal-Mart Bingo ( I printed out these cards and played throughout the week. I never won in a single day, but if I kept the card going, I would win every week.

  2. Great use of the image with this cap.