Saturday, May 19, 2012

A New Type of Friendship

Its getting harder to figure out which captions I've posted here. I thought I had posted this one awhile back, but going through the entire blog, I noticed it was missing. Its easy to figure out when I've just made the caption a week ago, but the ones from the archives tend to fade in my mind. I need to make up some sort of list so I don't duplicate unless its on purpose!

Anyway, I really like this caption, since it has a few things that I find appealing .. teen girls in pantyhose somewhat oblivious to the fact that they've been changed. They know SOMETHING isn't quite right, but its only a hunch. Perhaps they will figure it out BUT be compelled to continue acting as females, which would make the caption even more "YOWSA!" as Darrell from Storage Wars would say. I guess we can call this a blog exclusive, since it was only posted on TF Media, which is no longer with us.

In other news, its Petra's birthday over at the Haven. If you get a chance, pop in and wish her the bestest birthday she could have. I made her a 4 panel series for her there, which perhaps I'll post here on the blog.

No discussion topic here since I have my weekend filled with doing some spring cleaning, prepping the AC units for window installation (one of the things I hate about living on the 3rd floor!) cleaning fans, going to my friend's son's birthday party (Harry Potter themed, which I really know nothing about) and if I can squeeze it in, taking my daughter out for a driving lesson. If you hear a high-pitched scream of terror on the road this weekend.. its probably me!

Feel free to discuss whatever you want in the comments. Here's a quick little topic starter. This summer, if you could, what would you most like to wear out in public? Bikini .. Sundress ... perhaps some Daisy Dukes?


  1. Sundress, yellow with white edging, probably lace. It would have a sewn in petticoat in white too, or black with black edging. It would have a collar, flat and fairly wide, flaring skirt and some corsetry round the waist, for effect rather than actually tight.

    I, of course, have not thought about this all previous summers...

    1. Seems like its been a yearly dream? In summer, its hard to think of a more feminine item to wear outside.

      Bikinis can be sexy, but not necessarily feminine.

      Then again, if you get a bikini tanline .. THAT is probably a very feminine statement to have!

    2. Indeed, definitely an annual and recurring theme. It was an actual dream at first, as far back as 2005.

      And yes, bikini tan-lines would be a very feminine statement but much more easily hidden in normal everyday life. I'd say having hairless legs, arms and chest would be harder to hide and more feminine - even if it were more subtle.

      I've always associated bikinis with more assertive women, for some reason, so they're less feminine and more just female (if there is such a distinction). So a bikini tan-line, to me, speaks of a confident woman/TS rather than a shy/feminine cross-dresser/TS.