Monday, November 12, 2012

Samhain Sorority Yankee Swap!

Sometimes Yankee Swaps aren't that great of a bargain!

Made this one for Cage71 on the Haven. She likes body swaps, and oftentimes I have trouble writing up a good and original idea using them. I let my mind drift though and the idea of a Yankee Swap wandered around, screaming, "PICK ME!!" I liked the idea, but really needed a picture that would do it justice. Finding this photo with a redhead really helped, and I hopefully was able to craft something better than a standard body swap.

I didn't have much time to caption last week and I didn't hold up my end of the bargain on the blog either. Its getting to be the end of the year, and that means increased responsibility at work among other things .. like my daughter's birthday coming soon AND my surgery next Monday. I am trying to get as much stuff done as possible so that I might be able to convalesce peacefully without too much stress on having to deal with 100 things at work and home. I apologize for not being around, especially since many of our favorite captioners have been on hiatus in the last few months.

THANKS to all the veterans out there that have kept our nation safe and free! I hope all those reading who served with dignity are comfortable and proud of their duty and wearing their finest dress blues, with heels and thigh highs underneath!

Hope you enjoy the Rifftrax, "Generic National Anthem"


  1. Many moons ago I was invited to a Christmas party where they did a Yankee Swap. I ended up stuck with a bottle of wine. I was the only person there under 21.

    Would have much rather gone home with a lovely female body, or a cool mirror.

  2. Yankee swap.. Why haven't I seen a TG cap featuring this game before? It's perfect! Well, Now I know it works perfectly for this sort of thing! Nicely done, it's simple but I think that's what impresses me most about it.