Saturday, October 6, 2012

Got All the Angles Covered!

Sometimes you have to look at a problem from a number of different angles!

This was a birthday caption for Simone back in March. Thought I had posted this one here before, but doing a quick search revealed nothing, so I'll putting it now this weekend when things usually slow down. Its a basic play on words caption that isn't too intricate, and more of a quickie .. in this case, a way to wish someone a happy birthday and let them know you are thinking about them.

I know that Simone has been away from her blog for almost 2 months now. She did leave me a little note a week or two ago saying that she would be back at some point soon. I believe that a new job is taking up much of her time, so hope she knows how much we all miss her, and hopes that she'll pop in soon enough, even if its not a posting every other day. We all need a Simone fix now and again!


Jennifer is posting a caption a day, plus giving recommendations about which horror movies we should be watching this Halloween month!

Caitlyn-Masked has a pretty deep discussion about balancing the Calvin and Cailtyn in her life. It has a wonderful and thought provoking comment section as well. As I went to snag the link, I noticed she updated something this morning I think, or was it last night? Anyway, there is now TWO discussions, the original and a follow up with a caption series attached. Her blog is MUST VIEW reading!

Elena Starz had a recent run of salon captions that were brilliant, and if you haven't bee there yet, please head over there and check them out! You won't be disappointed.

Kaitlyn Renee has a "Alphabet of TG" caption list going on at her blog. Right now she is up to "H - Hypnosis" and they all look great! The design of the captions are stellar and right on the mark!

Yes, I know they are all in my Dee-generate Bloggers roll listing, but I wanted to give you a head's up to what is going on there right now! What special things am I missing out on in other TG blogs?


  1. That was a very boring video, Dee. Sorry, but it's the truth. I'd have been better
    entertained if the lyrics-which suggested a
    transformation, had the singer and the guys turned into attractive women as the song ended. Sorry, but the video does not entertain me. I wish I could say otherwise, but I can't.

    1. Well, maybe there will be a TG caption coming for this song, who knows?!?

      It just happened to be the song I was listening to when posting. From there, I was listening to The Cure.

      I hope that you went to a few of the links I posted to cure your boredom!

  2. Love how all those angles complement her new curves. The boys at the bar in for one heck of a party!

    1. I guess it depends on whether or not she wears any more clothing!

      She sure does look good in what she is wearing though!

    2. Its probably safe to say her clothing will be in a state of flux all evening. Probably a nice over coat to get to the bar (it's starting to get chilly after all). And then who knows how long that lovely lingerie will remain on with all the boys pawing at her supple new form.

  3. Mark learned a lesson about overconfidence! Although no he looks great and his confidence is completely warranted.

  4. Just have to say this where I know you'll see it before the game........


    1. It was a nice try, but Peyton couldn't pull it out .. like usual! I guess Eli is the REAL Quarterback of the Manning family!

      Peyton did help screw up my fantasy football team though .. He kept throwing to Thomas instead of Decker. Thomas has like 28 points, Decker had 7.

      So now I have to hope that Sproles and Hartley are shut down by the Chargers tonight or I'll have my second loss of the season.

  5. Thanks for the plug! ^_^ And as soon as I saw that image for the video, I thought that was an oingo boingo video... Sadly, I have no head phones, so I can't check it out. Bummer!