Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mystico! .. The World's Worst Hypnotist!

Calls will be taken in the order received!

Not sure what there is to be said for this caption. because its pure fun! Sure the picture is pretty sweet, but its the pose that sells the caption and made me think about the story. I made the caption more to let Terri know I was thinking about her than trying to really push her buttons .. though she is a big fan of hypnosis.

As evidenced in the past (Robyn's Turn in the Barrel) I have no problem stealing ideas for captions from old jokes. The joke I based this caption on revolved around an answering machine for a psychologist or some sort of mental health clinic.The video below has the basics of the joke, though the person reciting it has no sense of comic timing at all!

Once I had the idea from the picture and the joke, it wasn't very hard to come up with the recording message, though I did pare it down some from what I had originally. The selections were based off old hackneyed "R-Rated Hypnotist" routines .. ie. feeling hot or cold, clucking like a chicken, removing words from someone's vocabulary, etc ... Stuff that the World's Worst Hypnotist would definitely have in his act.

There is one element of this caption that I would like to bring out, and its something I think some comedians thrive upon, and that is stunningly bad job performances. Just think about this: Somewhere there is the "World's Worst Doctor/Dentist" or "World's Worst Fireman". We like to think of people with power have control over what they do, but you know that there are those who JUST barely passed their medical exams or got their degree in Grenada or from a mail order company.

We try to put those sorts of thoughts out of our head, but when its harmless, we can't help but stop and stare. Its how William Hung and Rebecca Black became famous. People like me LOVE to watch stunningly awful movies, and who WOULDN'T go to see Throwdini .. the world's worst knife thrower .. or MYSTICO .. THE WORLD'S WORST HYPNOTIST!

Of course, since we are litigious society, he'd have to cover his bases, so the hotline to help those that have become screwed up my his inability to bring people out of his trances. I mean, maybe he's so boring he puts everyone to sleep and can't wake them?!?  I think the fact that the hotline EXISTS and is used often enough that they know WHICH things go wrong .. and that people KEEP going to his shows ... makes this so much fun to read!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Didn't think there was that much thought that went into making this caption, did you?  Sometimes, simplicity takes a lot of forethought to achieve. Or, we can get lucky!


  1. Cute & funny :) Despite the fairly monotne voice, I enjoyed the actual answering machine message(s) very nearly as much as the caption!

    THANK you!



  2. "I made the caption more to let Terri know I was thinking about her than trying to really push her buttons"

    Awwww thanks :)