Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It "seams" that the heel is on the other foot!

Not sure why I didn't get more discussion on the last post. Caitlyn brought up some good points, and I hoped others would have some insight on a subject where I could use more points of view. The blog itself got over 5k in views for the day, which is probably 2k more than average so people were reading/viewing. I guess it wasn't the good topic I thought it would be. The discussion is still on the table for those who wish to chime in .. as are any of the past blog postings.

Formspring question from Geoffrey.
If you could change one thing about the way Blogger works what would it be?
There are quite a few things I would change about Blogger. One would be its over-reliance on hooking up everything through Google YET it doesn't include Google Analytic stuff to let you know all the stats unless you make a concerted effort to install it. The basics only give you a rough estimate of what people are actually viewing .. for instance, I have no idea what my top 10 most read posts are, unless I set a certain widget to display "all time" stats, and it doesn't say HOW MANY more times the top one is from any of the others. Then again, I haven't updated to the "new blogger interface" so perhaps this mini-rant is all in vain! Oh well. Even if it WAS updated, I'd probably get mad at the changes they made, a la Facebook and their new TIMELINE feature.

Ok everyone! Lets get commenting! I might have a surprise for some lucky commenter, especially if they are a member of Rachel's Haven. Details to follow soon!


  1. You get 3k pageviews a day on AVERAGE?

    I am very jealous.

    Sorry, nothing more interesting to say. I have no idea what version of dashboard interface I'm using, but I can check the top ten posts of mine relatively easily using the analytical tools on that, but I'm a numbers junkie and so I end up comparing months and such. I don't like the fact that I can't compare stats for different months (and thus compare posts at the same point of their development, if that makes sense - do people check back more once a post is off the front page, for example).


    *goes faintly green*

  2. Oh man... there are plenty of things I would change about blogger. I agree with Dee that its quite bizare that they don't include Google Analytics. I understand that many people don't want all of that information and are completely happy with the 'basic' version of Blogger Stats. But how hard could it be to have a 'basic' stats and an 'advanced' stats option? Or at the least, let people have more than Now/Day/Week/Month/AllTime views. Sometimes I just want to see what I did on a certain week, but after its past the last month, I don't have that option.

    And speaking of options... stop applying new shiny things without completely testing them, or giving an way to 'opt out' of them. Their 'lightbox' way of displaying images, and their threaded comments both 'broke' my blog (broke in this way means that it didn't work the way I wanted and had no option to easily fix it).

    I'd like the ability to 'edit' comments, and add in links and other formatting. Right now if I make a comment but realize I made a mistake, the only option I have is to delete it.

    And yea... like Joanna said... you get 3K views per day? I have SEVERE peaks and valleys. I get around 2K on days that I don't post, and up between 5K and 8K on days that I do post. If I don't post regularly (like the 2 weeks I took off to unsuccessfully study), I drop down to about 1K views a day.

  3. After I posted I went and clicked on the "try new blogger interface" and it does seem to have more stats than previous, including a "post listing" where it lists each post name, and how many views and comments its had. Things seem to be a bit more buried than the previous home page, but I think they finally are starting to get it right.

    As to the page views, I didn't quite write it clearly. I hit 5,800 in views yesterday, which is about 2k more than I usually get on a day when I've made a new blog post.

    Caitlyn hit 1 million views a few months before I did, even though she started hers a few months after I made mine. I usually get about 1500-2000 hits a day when I haven't posted, and it dwindles down to 1100 if I haven't posted in a week (which last happened about a week ago!) Best case scenario is when I post like 3-4 times a week, I can sustain a 3-4k a day rate for quite a few days.

    So you don't have to be jealous Joanna! At least not of me .. perhaps Caitlyn though! LOL

  4. Sorry Dee about the other discussion, I'm currently embroiled with studies and didn't have the time to figure a difficult and complex question without making mistakes ^_^

    Well just like Caitlyn said... I would change that comment stuff as how is managed. AS I WOULD LIKE TO FIX MISTAKES as I tend to do many in english ^^' other stuff that buggers me is how google analyzes data. It doesn't seem accurate at all, going around with other estimates data centers I tend to go higher that google tells me. Heck I even had two months that are not counted at all... and it was a productive one. C'mon! From views as Google tells me I get 2'5k to 3k views in a normal day, from not reaching 1k completely whenever inactive. It seems people visit my blog to see what's new and some other months has perused to see what's old... strange ways... but I cannot measure people's actions :)

    I would like google to have comments set like Facebook though... that whole process of telling who I'm and everything(that I know I can disconnect from my blog, but then it would become a fun-fest to spammers and I don't want that. I've seen blogs falling for having the captcha option disconnected.) In Facebook, you could still report comments if that happens, but here you can't so we get people that say stupid stuff, like I've seen you in yahoo and gives a link to his/her website and blam! you got viruses running amok your computer.

    Another function I would like is to have a proper way to express an emotion just in case someone is lazy of leaving a comment. a Like system like in Facebook. Even the star system in Blogger is buggy as hell.

    Google friend connect is another thing that they have to consider to make it work. Most of the time I get the message of not available right now...

    Another thing is how blogger counts messages. If you have a recent comments widget and a top commentator list. Sometimes some of the commenters gets more votes than comments made and sometimes happen the contrary.

    So you can presume I want Blogger to accept Facebook system, but not entirely. Tumblr has this system but in comments is a lot more difficult to leave one or even be allowed to leave one at all!. The Reblog this function is a bit stupid too... So I wouldn't want that coming t blogger or it will turn to be a living hell of posts!

    Another thing that I can say that I do like is the new format on how blogger lets you interact with the formatting of new posts... for me is a lot better as I don't have to wait for longer periods of times, just because I have a low internet. The other system of posting was primitive and took me too much time to post stuff sometimes.

    I would like a more friendly add your widget stuff rather than having to think of a hard and long line in HTML and that still would have to work!.

    And yes The Timeline is the worst thing ever devised!!!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. I'm still haven't learned much about the features from blogger. So to really tell what I would change isn't so easy.

    The comment thing which Caitlyn mentionned about editing your comment could surely be improved.

    I also feel a bit confused and frustrated when I'm trying to find a new widget to improve my blog.