Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Pink Bimbo ... with a Twist!

Have a few Formspring "questions" to answer soon, and possibly a blog exclusive caption. Depends on if I want to post it here or gift it to the next Haven eZine which should be coming out in January. At that point in time, I'll also be able to post my contribution to the 1st eZine, since the 6 month exclusivity will be passed.

The caption above was made for Sammie/Serena. I was purposely trying to stay away from a magical caption, and she has preferences that fit both a realistic approach and one that is more abracadabra. I like these type of stories more now than I used to, and I am more comfortable writing them. Compulsion plotlines make me tingle as it is, and having instincts run counter-intuitive to what they used to be, leaving the protagonist on auto-pilot, yet still aware of the way they are acting, will probably never get old in my opinion.

I tried not to telegraph the twist at the end. The whole caption plot came to me as soon as I saw the picture. The ending came first, and I had to work my way through back to the beginning. There was a bit of pruning, mostly in what Nate had done, and the process of becoming the picture. If it went too long, I feared it would lose its emotional impact. I imagine that Belladonna could write a really good story, just by stretching out my skeletal plot and detailing the downfall. I didn't want a full story though, I just wanted a visceral "HERE YA GO!"

I'm glad to see that the views are picking up here. College semesters are over I assume, and people have time to look around the TG blogosphere perhaps? Glad everyone is looking at least!

What I posted in the previous blog entry still applies!
  • If you have a TF/TG caption blog and DON'T belong to the Haven, but would like to trade captions, give me a shout-out below in the comments. I didn't realize there were that many people doing captions that weren't a part of the Haven. 99 percent of my captions are trades with others. I always focus better on plots and things when I have someone, and their preferences, in mind. Otherwise my brain is too scatter shot and my ADD kicks in (and people wonder why I can be concise when creating .. its really a lack of focus! LOL)  
DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you had the chance to give a TG Christmas wish ... would it be for you to have your wish come true .. or for all of your online/real life TG friends to have THEIR wishes become a reality?


  1. Excellent cappie & what an adorable sissy boi!

    Discussion question: I'd have incredible guilt if I put my wishes above ALL of my online friends. How selfish would that be? It would be a hard choice, though...


  2. I've always gave to others, then put my own need's before anyone. I just can't do it. Heck i would be poor with in day's if I won the lottery because of all my friends I would want to help. So, the answer it simple, I would want to see my friends happy and grant their TG wishes.

  3. Great cap Dee! The compulsions aren't exactly my sweet spot, but they aren't far off!

    Its an easy decision for me. I wouldn't want to change my life enough to live out my tg fantasty. My fantasy requires my current life to really end, and I just love my life to much for that to happen. So I would rather see all of my friends get their TG wishes.

  4. Wonderful caption! Such a shiny sissy bimbo!

    I would choose to have all my tg friends' wishes come true. I've met so many wonderful people who are struggling to make the transition. I would love to be able to help them become who they are on the inside.

  5. I would tend to agree with everyone else. I know quite a few people that are dealing with transitions right now, and I'd love to let them be who they really should be.

    Then again, my TG desire is to be able to control the minds and bodies of myself and anyone else on the planet .. so I guess I could make everyone's dreams come true if I got *MY* wish.

    I had a feeling that most of the followers here would be noble enough to take one for the team and let others have THEIR wishes.

  6. At the moment it is a really easy answer to your question since it if only hypothetical. Just as most of you, I would make your wish come true instead of being selfish.

    However I think that I would make your wish become real also if I really had the opportunity as I have come to know how some are struggling in their real life. It's not that I don't wish that I was a woman, but I'm still living a gool life. Unlike others who really are felling that they are living in a wrong body and so are forced to live a life they are unhappy with.

    So my TG Christmas wish would be to make all my TG friends as happy as possible. ^^

  7. Love it. The piture, the story, everyting. more of the same please