Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ironing Out Our Differences . and Formspring!

Just another caption that uses "Dust my Credenza" .. I think I've used that in at least 4 to 5 captions since I've started. Not sure WHY, it just seems like a funny word that I want to use OVER and OVER again. Not much to say about the caption .. I mean, how can you make a crappy caption with a source photo like that?

Well, the main suggestion seems to be that I should make a page that talks specifically about certain elements that we discuss in regards to caption creation. I like to think that most of my blog posts focus on that, but there are certain ones that really gets into the nuts and bolts of "how-to" more so than the "why" I do things. I'll see what I can whip up design wise, and probably reach out to Steffiemarie since she seems to have been the first one to have little sections in her blog.

Another suggestion was to make posts more about me personally, and the life of Damien. I am not sure how much people want to hear about my dreadfully boring life (by design .. my life used to be a huge roller-coaster!) so I'll put snippets of it to make sure people get a sense of where I'm coming from when making captions. If anyone has specific questions or areas they wish for me to discuss, I am sure they could post it in the formspring box on the left hand side over there.

Speaking of, here is a question from Nadine, which seems to followup something from another post I made.

What's a made-in caption?

I am assuming this is a mis-understood line in a discussion question from a few days ago .. "What are some other things that strike you when you see them made in captions, that while they aren't officially "wrong" like typos, logic, or plot holes .." There is no such thing as a "made in caption" .. Perhaps I didn't use proper grammar .. but I meant to ask what draws you to see a mistake made in a caption .. that isn't quite a "mistake" as much as perhaps a slight faux pas or something that just doesn't feel right. For instance, I have a bit of a pet peeve for paragraphs that end with ONE word on a line .. just sort of dangling there on its own. I work with publications quite a bit, and I will futz with character spacing to make sure we don't get an orphan word sitting there by itself. Its how I feel about it, and though its not WRONG, it doesn't feel RIGHT for me. Perhaps more of a case of OCD, but it DOES drive me bonkers sometimes!

Next ummm, question comes from jayjay9:

my Question is this, how are you honey?

Thanks for asking. I am a bit beat up over the holidays, but hanging in there. I could use some rest and relaxation that honestly, I will never see or experience. Someday I hope to vanish for a few days with no way of anyone contacting me. Doesn't matter where I go ... even a hotel room with just an internet connection and a spa would do just fine. I've probably not decompressed in years. Traveling never helps either, because I can never actually relax, plus I'd have even more work on my plate when I return. Hopefully I can win the lottery and spend my time wandering around the country, turning men into sexy slutty women.

The last question is still brewing. Simone asked a rather good question that I am still pondering. Probably get to that after the new year.

Oh yeah, if you use Mozilla Firefox, there is a great little add-on that will save anything you fill into comment boxes like these, in case you end up cut off or hit a button .. you won't lose whatever you had written. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me here on Blogger. I can't remember the name of it right now, but will post it in the comments section when I get a chance.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would/should I structure that little section discussed above in regards to caption creation and discussion? Do a blurb with links to the original topic? Post the meat of each individual discussion directly from the original blog post? Other ideas?


  1. Sorry about my question. But I guess that you know the situation when you are sure to have seen a thing and only when someone is showing you the wrongness, you realize that you only imagined it. I was so sure that I read made-in caption that I just had to ask you what you meant with that.

    The idea to the discussions in sections seems good to me. At the moment, I need to look at caption after caption to read the answers from your questions. So if you had them gathered into specific sections would make it easier to follow them.

  2. @ Nadine

    No problem Sweetie. I love answering questions, even when they aren't quite questions. It gave me a chance to elaborate more on something I was having a tough time describing originally.

    I would be very interested in making them into sections, but it will definitely take some time, since *I* would be going through every post (164 or so right now) and pulling out pertinent information out from each one and trying to decide "Where" it would go so that its not a rambling mess of a FAQ!

    I actually wonder if I made a list of tags for different sorts of caption advice would help me to break down the section a bit easier. Just tag them and then find which one go together and compile the page that way.

    I've yet to even tag February thru June of 2011 too .. so there could be a bunch of captions people are missing that are lurking in a Bermuda Triangle somewhere.

    Nice to know I have some tasks to do to upgrade this place in 2012!

  3. Maybe it's just a silly idea.

    But couldn't you gather the discussion related questions together and then split them up into different sections.Then link them to the associated caption and comments.

  4. That's a great way to make sure the housework gets done!

    I'm always terrible at giving people on advice as to how they should set things out. I trust that you'll make a great job of it though.

  5. Thanks Evie!

    Well, posts that were specifically ABOUT a discussion topic .. I had given that a "discussion" tag.

    As time has gone by, I tend to post a caption, then go into my creative process about creating that caption, and then tie it into some general viewpoints on how captions should or should not be made.

    The issue above I was referring to is how to separate the general talking points from the original post .. and pull them all together into a coherent FAQ that people would be able to refer to, without the visual documentation in the original posting.

    Anyone know of any tools that can pull out all the blog posts (with comments hopefully) into one document, preferably a Word document or a text file? It might be easiest for me to go through this blog THAT way, and pull relevant topics together that way .. then create sections to post from there.