Thursday, December 29, 2011

Comic Con will be different this year!

Comic-Con has always been a good topic when creating TG captions. With the amount of scantily clad and superhero dressed people there, and the cameras taking pictures, it seems inevitable that those photos will become the fantasies of TG captioners. I know a fair amount of comic book stuff, though I mostly read Batman and Sandman when I was younger. Most TG fans though are pretty big Scifi and Comic Book geeks, if I am one to generalize. I guess it comes with the territory.

When I made this caption, it was one of those weekends where Spike TV was playing a non-stop marathon of Star Wars movies, so I blame the whole set on them! The pictures I had saved up for quite a few years .. I had a vague story plot involving them, but I sort of left them behind, as many newer pictures spoke to me in a direct way. Periodically I go back through my old picture directories to see if there are any hidden gems, or things that will work for people I owe captions preference wise.

BabyEmmy likes age regression, and has "boyfriend/hubby to daughter" as a preference. I don't usually do them too much, as I would like models to be at least in the late teens, and always keep them as non-sexual as possible. The 2nd captions' picture would work though, as it is definitely a costume and we have no idea what she looks like underneath, hence we keep a sense of anonymity about who she is under there. Once I had the idea for that, I wanted to tie the 1st picture in somehow. What I wrote works well enough, but the 1st panel is mostly there to set up the second one, which I made sure has some humiliation involved, which is what Emmy requested in her preferences.

One of the things I wanted to mention here that I also mentioned in the original posting on Rachel's Haven was that this was slightly inspired by my own youngling. From the posting, "My daughter used to wear her Vader mask to bed sometimes. Very disconcerting when checking on her at 2 in the morning, especially when she had a cold. At least she never said 'Yippie!'." She isn't a fan of the movies, but really thinks that Darth Vader is a cool villain, and that Luke is a bit of a "wienie".

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How squeamish are you when it comes to making captions regarding preferences you aren't comfortable with? Do you try to work around them, and accommodate the recipient, or do you ask them to give you some ideas that you are more attuned to using? The Haven forbids incestuous captions, and sexual situations involving minors, so I don't have to deal with that, but what other things do you stay away from in reading/creating TG captions?

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  1. Sometimes that happens and I trying to avoid making caps for Haven members whos preferences really don't suit mine. However when I have to trade a cap back, I try to follow their preferences as much as I'm comfortable with.

    Since I'm more into complete gender switch captions, I try to stay in that section of captioners. TV/CD is not really my thing, especially when the stories are focusing mostly on sexual acts. However some members are creating lovely stories which catches my interest.