Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Long One from the Archives

This was one from over 3 years ago, and it is quite long compared to most of the captions I've done in the last few years. I believe this is about 2 months into my caption making, and as such, its rudimentary at best, but the story is still pretty good.

I wanted everyone to see it for a few reasons.

(1) For those that are just starting out making captions, I wanted you to see that EVERYONE starts out pretty much the same. It took me 6 months or so until I had a style that I actually thought was decent, and from there, it needed another year or so to evolve.

(2) For those that think I never did series more than one or two panels ... here is a NINE panel caption series. At this point, I was just happy to be in the presence of some people on the Haven that I looked up to, and wanted to do what they did. They made caption stories that flowed over multiple panels, and THAT is what I should be doing as well! I was deliberately trying to make as many panels as I could, and it didn't really fit what I was good at. After this one, I made another one that was over 13 panels ...then I think I can count the amount of series that I did over 5 panels on one hand, the best one probably being one I did for Simone.

(3) I am still feeling pretty shitty, and I want to give a good effort for the questions that are awaiting me in formspring. Posting something from a long time ago will fill space, and hopefully make people feel better about their own captions. "Hey, I think Dee is a good TG captioner and look how shitty her early stuff is! I wanna try and make some now!" .. The best way to get good at something is to really fuck up and learn from your mistakes.

(4) I miss Bimbo Jessica, who was the recipient of this caption. She was so silly and bimboish, and made going to the Haven so much fun! Andy is really busy now doesn't really pop online that much. Occasionally I will go and search out some of the people that are no longer contributing to the Haven and check out their folders, and enjoy the old stuff in between constant flow of new captions appearing all the time!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Who are some of your favorite old captioners that were on the Haven, Lycos, or Yahoo groups that don't seem to make new captions anymore? We have a ton of archival folders at the Haven, and perhaps I, or the readers, can discover some hidden gems we haven't seen before. For me, it was Pretty Sissy Dani when she did stories that had a picture or two embedded in it. They were small serials, and those cliffhangers guaranteed I would be back to her website every day! Serena Lawhead was another on in that same vein.


  1. Hi Dee, First, Thank you for your wonderful and entertaining blog. I have been reading it regularly for a couple of months and enjoy it very much. I really like the captions like this that tell a story,, they show your time, effort and creativity dear and are quite enjoyable to read. I am not aware of any Haver, Lycos or Yahoo Group captions, but then I don't know a whole lot of TG caption sites either. But I do like this Bimbo Jessica caption set and would like to see her as part of the pregnant farm or for you to expand on the subject. thank you again dear
    jeannie (tim)

    1. Well, if you haven't been to yet, I think you are doing yourself a great disservice. I would say there would be ummm, at least 10k captions lurking there between the gallery and trading areas. Its a great community and quite welcoming. Of course, I'm a bit biased as I am an admin there!

      I'll add you into the updated version of the pregnancy farm!