Monday, September 26, 2011

I *insist* you wear that tux ... and answers to queries!

First question from a random hypnosis fan:

I love your captions, but would it be too much to ask for some more hypnosis captions?
How about something I just created the other day for a newbie on the Haven, Ellie Chambers?

She likes hypnosis captions, and it looked like she was into compulsions as well. I wanted to have some fun with a non-standard picture. Most of the time I try to use feminine pictures, with women wearing dresses or skirts, high heels, nylons, etc ... I found this picture of the wonderful Dita though, and a wedding scenario immediately came into focus. I figured that a wedding would be a good place to debut "Ellie" to all of Dee's family, and show who wears the pants, so to speak! The futile resistance that Iain puts up is really cute, and I'm glad I was able to make it completely dialog driven. It also has just the right amount of embarrassment factor played into it, AND the wedding pictures will last a lifetime! For the writer of this question, I would love to see what sort of ideas you have in making a hypnosis caption. See the DISCUSSION QUESTION below!

Here's a question from someone that didn't have a name:
Hey, I know the first attempt at a pregnant discussion didn't go well, but I thought that when people FINALLY started talking, it got interesting. Any chance of another couple pregnant caps plus some pregnant discussion?
Well how about I post one of the first pregnancy captions I've ever made?

One of the reasons I like this caption is its another in a long line of "oblivious" captions I so enjoy, where the grasp of comprehension is so close, or just fleeting.

I'm happy to post this question and see if anyone wants to elaborate. At this point in time, there doesn't seem to be much discussion going on. My question would be for those that like Pregnancy captions ... Do you just want to be female while the pregnancy is happening and then revert back to a man at some point, perhaps once nursing is done, or do you stay female? Are you going to be perpetually pregnant, or do you have a say in how many kids you are going to have? Hopefully that will get some people talking in the comments section!

There are a few more questions in the queue, but they might be lengthy enough to be their own complete posting. I hope people like the balance between an almost brand new (made fresh yesterday) caption and one from over 3 years ago. Now that its almost October, we have Halloween coming next month, so I'd like to see comments pick up like they were a few months ago!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I know there has to be some people that come here that just like TG captions, and sort of glaze over all the technical or creative type discussions I try to shine a spotlight on. I wish that I would get some feedback from them, especially from a viewer standpoint. Did I convey what I set out to do? Do you have a better understanding of how they are created? Things like that.

In the spirit of that, I am looking for people to post some ideas/plots, a sentence or two of story, a smidgen of dialog, or even a zinger ... either dealing with Pregnancy or Hypnosis. I'm hoping to get at least a few people to post things here ... and I will try to make at least one or two captions for each category.

Here's YOUR chance to help make a TG caption! I could be YOUR caption consultant / editor / publisher!


  1. I love the tux caption. I really enjoy hypnosis stories and caps, but I think it must be difficult to come up with fresh takes on hypnosis. I really like the way you used the gorgeous Dita picture to put your own special spin on the wedding and hypno genre.

  2. As a constant reader and fellow artist, I won's submit an idea, but I will join your call to the readers out there. If you read caps like we all have here; take a moment, sit back, and think of what you would like to see in a cap. Be as detailed or vague as you like, and let Dee come up with something for you.

    It is a rare chance to see your favorite style created by one of the greats! And don't worry at all if it may sound funny/silly/different/odd/outthere. If anyone can make it work, its Dee!

    Oh, and Dee? Great job on both caps. The tux clicks in a great way, and works wonderfully with that pic. The prego cap while styled differently, has that great 'Dee' quality to it that draws me in, even though it isn't one of my preferred subjects!

  3. You asked for comments I'm not big one way or the other on pregnancy caps, but I do like the oblivious thing. And if we are doing pregnant, I'm gonna be popping them out as rapidly as I can, and not because I have much choice about it.