Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blog Exclusive .. Cerrdwen Is Watching Over You

Well, I made this one a Blog Exclusive, since I didn't want to corrupt my thoughts in dealing with preferences in making this caption, and I wouldn't want to burden anyone with being a subject of this either. It pretty much came out in one big wave, and I just wrote what I felt should be the text. I only did the minimum editing, in fixing spelling errors. I didn't worry too much about whether the words were just right, as I wanted to catch a moment that is awkward yet poignant.

The female name of Cerrdwen is the goddess or rebirth in The Goddess Oracles. I took it from a blog that describes her as the following:

Cerridwen’s appearance heralds a time of death and rebirth. Something is dying and needs to be let go of, so something new can be born. We know the earth’s dance of death and rebirth as the seasons. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, but undergoes transformation. So do we. To live fully and in wholeness we need to accept life in all that it is, which includes death and rebirth. Let go of what does not serve you and your wholeness.
Mark has found his rebirth, yet it troubles the few left behind. Simon doesn't quite get it, but over time, he will figure things out. Life has a way of keeping things in balance. Both are to be reborn; Cerrdwen physically, and Simon will more metaphorically. I know people who have transitioned. Getting people to see the current reality, and putting the past behind them when others want to keep dredging it up, or deny, or try to assign blame is hard for everyone involved. I wanted to see a happy ending, which unfortunately not everyone does. Isn't that what life is all about? Don't people truly want their stories read where the princess is rescued and every lives happily ever after?

I give you life
I give you death
it is all one
You travel the spiral path
the eternal path
that is existence
ever becoming
ever growing
ever changing
Nothing dies that is not reborn
nothing is born that does not die
When you come to me
I welcome you home
then I take you into my womb
my cauldron of transformation
where you are stirred and sifted
blended and boiled
melted and mashed
reconstituted then recycled
You always come back to me
you always go forth renewed
Death and Rebirth are but points of transition 
along the Eternal Path.


  1. Got to say this is one of the most interesting posts and captions you've done here. I love the thought behind the name and the story overall. It's not an outright obvious caption and I often enjoy those. No need to beat me over the head with it. There is a layer of sentimentality to the story and it feels like the ending to some type of movie. . . or perhaps the beginning?

    That frame of thought makes me think back to the last few lines of the explanation: don't most want a happy ending? The fairy tale ending with the prince kissing the princess? I suppose that ending is different for each person, but this is definitely a fairy tale of some form.

    Also want to comment on the picture choice. I adore pictures like this and I've noticed you've been picking more glamor-style images for captions. I wouldn't have traditionally expected you to pick them but I like the contrast. It's purely a personal preference on my end, but I just wanted to point out I did notice a change.

  2. Dee,

    This is a wonderful cap! The story is really touching and has given me many moments of warmth since reading for the first time. I don't often let my imagination go down the road of 'what would I tell my friends if this happened to me' as most of my fantasies involve a 'bad' transformation. But I would like to think that if I were transformed, that this would be a scene I would live through.

    And I would like to agree with Mistress Simone. I love the glamour shots you've been using as of late. I'll admit that I didn't notice it as an obvious change, but I did find that I was really blown away recently by your photo choices.

  3. @ Simone and Caitlyn

    I hadn't totally made a change or commitment to more glamorous images, but it is a case of using what I can find. Lately, it seems there are more composed shots available. Its like fishing, sometimes you get pan fish, and other times you can snag 8 pound bass.

    Or maybe I'm make an unconscious effort to choose different pictures. I would tend to be the last to know I'm evolving again. Perhaps you see something that I hadn't.