Sunday, May 19, 2019

Leda's Pantyhose Conversion Goes Amazingly Well!

I wonder if at this point in time, men buy and wear more pantyhose than women do?

Well, I am hoping that having a long-time Havenette who disappeared awhile back star in a new caption will motivate her to come back and start making captions again! I certainly hope so, as not many people look through the inactive folders on the Haven, so this COULD fall between the cracks if someone doesn't view and comment on it there over the next day or so.

Leda loves pantyhose, and I can't blame her for it. She likes it when it turns her into a she-male, and I can't blame her for that either. Sounds like a good plan with no real drawbacks, right? The irony of course is that since I hadn't made her a caption in almost 5 years or so, I had forgotten some of her preferences .. like the whole she-male thing .. so I have an original version to show you as well.

I ended up tweaking the story in certain places to take out the formation of a vagina, and adding a bit of humiliation about the loss of his balls and the diminishing status of his formerly large dick. I think the changes actually made it better, as I thought that perhaps the last paragraph was a bit too clever by half, and the she-male aspect gave it a bit of extra heat and perversion to the entire work in whole.

Since I'm not sure Leda will ever see it, feel free to comment below on both versions .. as you can point out strengths and weaknesses in both, and which one you prefer.

Almost went with "Bad Case of Loving You" by Robert Palmer or "Bad Medicine" by Bon Jovi but the 80's don't get enough musical love. I think I will aim to rectify that until the end of May!


  1. For me the version that ends with are they pantyhose wearing her, think this is more sexy

    1. So, less humiliation + being a complete woman afterwards = more sexy.

      I can see that.