Thursday, March 21, 2019

Totally Un-Hinged! Not the Usual Night Shift Job!

Usually Almond Joy's got nuts .. Mounds don't! Not this time! Everything is all nuts, all the time!

I try not to pick on models and women's appearance in general. This photo set, however, took me right out of a sexy mood, so I just HAD to caption it. I'm assuming it's the make up choice and the expressions on her face, but damn, I would NOT want to run into an alley and look up to see her face highlighted by a dimly lit street light.

So I went into it thinking, standard guy gets kidnapped and turned into a female, for whatever reason you want to think of .. one appropriate for our genre would be the best choice .. and somehow the usual changes DO NOT HAPPEN. In fact, it seems to have whatever issues the guy had, even worse now that he's become a woman. How do the henchmen react? I mean, I bet they often take advantage of the nubile, confused bimbos that usually are awaiting behind the locked door. Have they ever had to face Hanna Belle Lecter? HA!

So that was my premise, and I'm sticking to it! Just such innocence there in the outfit and pigtails, and then .. INTENSITY MAGNIFIED! Trust me, I had something else planned to post, but I saw this and immediately opened up Photoshop so I could make this caption instantly and make a blog exclusive out of it right away.

Feel free to comment and let me know how this has affected you personally! Be afraid, my friends! Be very afraid! Waa-hahahahahahaha.


  1. This definitely appeals to my inner little psycho bitch.
    Let's face it, with all the guys being feminized in so many different ways, it's reasonable to assume that there are at least a few who don't end up either compliant or in control, but become downright mental.

    Depending from who's view it was written, the antagonist or the protagonist, most stories written are the success stories. I always wondered where the failures of feminization went, the ones who didn't turn out as intended by any party involved, and weren't able to cope with it.

    Due to this I've been toying with the idea of creating a place where the misfits go. Maybe some kind of hospital where the victims can be taken care of, or a place far away from civilization where people are kept safe from the former boys. But I never fleshed it out.

    Your Hanna Belle Lecter would be a perfet candidate for such a hospital.

    The closest thing for me I ever created would be something I did for Felicia Hextus at the Haven in "Playtime for Licy," where Helena took the former Felix to a remote place in Texas and Licy could play with chainsaws and campers while dressed as a sweet innocent girl.

    The only concrete thought I have about it is that the place should be able to accommodate the victims of any kind of feminization, the realistically possible, science fiction magic or simply the absurd, and that the stories should send a shiver down your spines.

    1. Glad it touched a nerve for you! I guess my thoughts mirrored yours pretty nicely. A sociopath or psychopath is just that, regardless of what gender they are, and while it's nice to negate that if you can, they way it's often done in these captions can set it off even further!