Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Tonight is Krampasnacht! All Hail the "Cramp"us!

How tasteless can we be? Lick your lips and c'mon in! Pretty tasteless indeed!

Welcome to a re-run, but it might be new to many of you! Besides, I am actually posting this on the real night for once! Here's some of what I had to say about this caption over 3 years ago!

Yeah. Well, we had the silver and gold colors for Sissy Leeanne's Christmas caption, so we decided to go with a heavy flow of red for this one starring Ian. Pretty Sure that Aunt Flo will be there to celebrate too at Ian's crash pad. 
Honestly, it was the cotton snow that the model was kneeling on that gave me most of the idea, plus that new horror movie starring the Krampus popped into my mind. I just HAD to do it. I'm not sure if someone else has used that sort of tact in a TG caption. Maybe I'm the only one too sick in the head to even attempt it. No matter what you think about the caption, I do get points for trying, right?
Nothing really new to add. Just one of those captions that make you groan and mumble, "DEEEE!"

I have a plan to actually MAKE some new captions and we will see if time permits me to do so! Will it actually WORK? Tune in soon to see if there are new captions here by the weekend!

I think this will end up in the TOP 5 albums of the year for me. Who would have thought that after 40 years they could produce something as good as this disc? Certainly not me!

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  1. Three years have past, and I still haven't watched Krampus ;)

    Stil a fun cap.