Sunday, July 15, 2018

Now We've REALLY Got a Reason to Cheer!

We've got boobies, yes we do! We've got boobies, how 'bout you?

This is a fun little caption I made for Lady Harmony. I had the picture saved way back when I was doing the Save the Haven captions for Frombowtotoe if I remember correctly. Honestly, I have no idea how/why he turned into a female. It just felt like a fun caption to write and I didn't want to over analyze it. I wanted it to be playful and joyous if possible, even though he had some apprehension while the change was happening. I mean, we can write affirming captions now and again, right? Her breasts certainly are a firming up!

This was a hugely busy weekend, and I can only hope the beginning of an up-tick in positivity for me and my family. Got some stuff done that needed to be taken care of, and we have fingers crossed that some of the negative things that have happened in the last two weeks can be neutralized this coming week.  As the late Tom Petty once said, "The waiting is the hardest part." Onward and upward!

Speaking of, I need to get my butt moving and working on some more captions! I think I have enough new ones for two more posts, then ummm, hmmmm? Let's hope I don't have to find out what happens after that! Just to make sure people are paying attention, I do hope you'll comment on this caption, but also .. give me the title of a caption (or captions!) you'd like to see me make, and I will do my best to accommodate you! A play on words, a cunning pun, or just some random words you threw together. Doesn't matter .. I am looking for some inspiration! Make sure you leave me some in the comments post haste!


  1. Some title's
    I told you if you didn't comment post haste there would be trouble.
    Like what's so super about this glue.
    Something in the way she moo's

    1. Thanks for the inspiration. There'll be a caption posted in the next few days titled after one of your suggestions!

  2. For the caption
    It doesn't sound like Marylou is very concerned about the new developments. And I feel that real soon Evan won't be either. My biggest question was Marylou planning on this from the start or is she just taking advantage of the situation .
    A few title ideas
    How tights are reshaping the world.
    The perfect costume.
    Symtoms include tightness, swelling, and ill fitting clothes.

    1. Well, in this case, Marylou had no idea he was going to change, at least that is how I wrote it. I cannot condone any behavior that any of my characters express that wasn't of my own writing. They often have a mind of their own!

      I'll keep those titles in mind while working on some new stuff!

  3. Love the mystery , is it forced ? Subconscious willing ? Either way sure she'll be fine

    1. Definitely. I honestly have no idea and I wrote the caption!