Tuesday, May 15, 2018

What Kind of Friend Do You Think I Am?

Well, an opportunistic friend at the very least .. with some skills you just shouldn't question!

Made this one back in March, and hadn't posted it until now. Wow! I wonder why I'd been holding it off? Honestly I have no idea. I didn't use it as a trade caption, as I wasn't really sure who it would fit for, and while I did clean it up a bit, the photo is still more of a selfie than an actual well-shot picture from a set done by a professional. Then again, it works well in this setting, I think.

Would I have done this if a friend asked back when I was in High School? Hmm, I don't think I'd have any friends that were THAT desperate, or if they were, they'd probably have tried to bribe an actual girl. In that case though, there was always a chance of being caught pretending, so maybe a guy pretending to be a girl would be the actual better route.

I bet that Courtney Captisa could write a great story around this set-up and make it work. She could call it, "I Was a Teenage Canadian Girlfriend!"

Sort of jealous of the young generation today that seems to get way more opportunities to bend their gender than when I was young. How many videos do you see on Youtube of "my boyfriend did my makeup, and then I did his!" out there? Or "I made my little brother dress up in my skirt and heels!" Certainly did not seem like a lot of that going on when I was a teenager in a public learning institution! Was that something I missed as an only child? I had sort of missed the Goth boys in guy-liner Cure look and the spandex and hair spray pretty-boy rockers in the late 80's period, and got stuck with the "Everyone looks like a friggin' lumberjack" 1990's fashion!

For discussions, please look at the last post, where I talk about my mother possibly knowing of my TG tendencies, and comment about whether your family and/or friends knew anything about it, and if so, what did they do to help you out?

For this caption, it's a blog exclusive, so any thoughts you have about the scenario or the construction of the caption, please comment below. Anything you'd like to see next posted here on the blog?

Ahhh, a Canadian band singing about their new girlfriend that's a lot like you! Sounds perfect!

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