Saturday, April 21, 2018

Dee's Saturday Afternoon Post ... Rockwell's Worst Nightmare!

I'd have loved to have seen some Norman Rockwell TG caption artwork! Wouldn't you?

Here's something I wanted to get up on a Saturday, as I probably won't be around much the rest of the weekend, until Sunday night. I'll check in and reply to comments, but I don't have the time to work a long post up so luckily I had this quickie in my back pocket.

The photo just gave me what I wrote. Nothing too elaborate in the slightest. Like TG marines, I just get in, do what needs to be done, and then get out! I do like the economy of scale here, where 2 sentences that contain less than 20 words .. it sets up the entire premise for the rest of the caption to be fulfilled. Simplicity tends to make for more impactful captions. Sometimes we spend so much time setting up the plan, we barely have time to enjoy the actual transformation and it's aftermath.

Hope you like it, and check in if you haven't commented in awhile .. especially Ian and a few others that have been AWOL since before Easter! I know it's still damn cold out, but you all should be defrosted by now!


  1. Oh, that totally works! Of course, now I want to see how they take care of their respective needs. :)

    1. That's up to the reader! There's also the case of whether the wish is delivered exactly as wished, or is it a trickster delivering the wishes, and of course, was there any set time limit, or is it permanent?!?